These Golden Retrievers Had a Secret Meeting Under a Box and It’s Ridiculously Cute

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If there’s one thing on earth that’s cuter than a dog, it has to be a puppy, right? Basically a dog that’s smaller and a little bit less coordinated – and sometimes more affectionate. What’s not to love?

But 3 puppies have really captured the internet’s attention this week – for a super cute reason. 3 golden retriever puppies were spotted having what looked like a top-secret meeting under a box. Once they were spotted, they quickly pretended nothing was going on. It’s absolutely adorable – and just a little bit mysterious. What were they discussing under there?

It’s that everyone loves dogs. And with very good reason.

They’re cute, they’re fluffy, they’re heartwarming, they’re loyal – and most importantly, they’re hilarious!

Imagine a dog, but even cuter and more hilarious. Ta-dah! You’ve got a puppy.

It has to be a golden retriever. Blonde dogs, hey? Could you imagine anything cuter?

And they have just one main question in mind. What on earth are these guys up to?

Especially since they seem to think they’re pretty good at it – when they simply aren’t.

Well, that’s even better. Dogs, hey. What are they like?

Because, to the untrained eye, it seemed almost as if these dogs were … having a secret meeting with one another?

What exactly was this cute group of pups discussing? Or, even scarier, planning …?

We have to admit, it does look as though the dogs are undergoing some sort of ritual under there. Weird stuff – but very cute nonetheless.

Looks pretty suspect – although still undeniably adorable.

And once the box was lifted, the underneath was revealed.

Hey, if our meeting place was lifted right off of us, we’d probably have something to say, too.

The gang disperses, with a “nothing to see here” attitude.

And there’s just one question … What do you think was going on? Want another cute dog story? Scroll on for the giant dog who needed the help of mountain rescue, after getting way too tired on a hike. Oops.