These Grandparents Have Gone Viral for Their Adorable Morning Routine | 22 Words

We all know the feeling of taking loved ones for granted. Sometimes in life, it's easy to forget to appreciate all the little, everyday things that make us smile. Maybe that's why this story of a 17-year-old and her grandparents has captured our hearts so much.

Meet Rio, the Scottish teen whose grandparents have gone viral.

Rio is 17, and her Twitter feed is filled with typical teen stuff you'd expect, like photos and videos of her and her friends. But a video she posted on October 19 went viral for the sweetest reason. Rio recently started a new job, her first real job, and her family is proud — especially her grandparents.

The bus she takes to commute to work passes through her grandparents' neighborhood.

Every morning, one or both of them wait outside their house to catch a glimpse of their granddaughter on her way to work. As she passes by, they wave to her. Rio decided to try to capture the sweet gesture on video.

Did you catch it? Look closely.

Their house is set back a bit from the road, and is mostly obscured by other buildings. But for a split second they can see Rio on the bus and that's worth the effort each morning. Something about this has pulled the heartstrings of people the world over.

A sweet, simple, daily demonstration of love between a granddaughter and her grandparents resonates with all of us.

Life is fleeting. This never feels more true than when we think about our older loved ones. Something about this one lovely gesture, which stretches across generations, has everyone feeling all the feels.

We don't often think back to all the little things the grownups in our lives did for us when we were young.

It's those little things, though, that make up our lives. A simple wave every morning may not seem like much, but it can convey so much love. As parents or grandparents, we may not realize that these small loving acts will be carried forever, coloring the memories of our kids and grandkids.

The people of Twitter have fallen in love with this Scottish grandma and grandpa.

Is it the extra effort that Rio's grandparents put in each morning for a sighting that's a mere fraction of a second? Is it that we can feel the love and pride they have for their granddaughter? Or maybe it's that Rio is taking the time to appreciate it, because these things so often get taken for granted?

Whatever the reason, this video of a blurry wave is choking us up.

In our rush to live our lives, get to work, get stuff done, we don't always stop and take the time to appreciate what our loved ones do for us. Knowing that these grandparents watch the clock every morning and then head outside to make sure they see their girl off to work is so touching. The tenderness there is palpable.

We all know that grandparents won't be around forever.

Those who have lost their parents or grandparents know all too well how important it is to appreciate them in the moment. It's so easy to take people for granted. But here these grandparents are doing the opposite — they're out there every day to show their love and support for their granddaughter. And Rio, in return, clearly appreciates it.

This isn't the first time Rio has shared a video of her grandparents.

There's something so relatable to these videos that Rio has captured. Whether it's her grandmother's laughter as she completely misunderstands how to use her iPhone, or her grandfather's blurry wave, we're left feeling the love and connection this family shares. And we can't get enough of that! I'd like a Rio's Grandparents Channel that I can tune into anytime I need a smile.