These Happy Animal Memes Are Guaranteed To Brighten Your Day

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What’s better than animal memes? Happy animal memes! What’s better than happy animal memes? Happy animal memes in your eyeballs!

Well, it is your lucky day, my friend. Here are twenty whole happy animal memes, just for your eyeballs.

I know. You’re welcome.

It’s cool. I look better in it anyway.

Is this not the most adorable moment that’s ever been captured on camera? Aside from my selfies, of course.

“Quack quack. “…I’m really fooling them.”

“Hello. This is a very big deal for me. I have a hard time expressing myself because I have a hard outer shell…but… Would you go to prom with me?”

Well, they’ve done it. They’ve written the ultimate pun.

This is the most true meme. Food is really good, guys! I don’t know if you’ve tried it before (food), but you totally should. It’s delicious! You’re welcome for the hot tip.

“Hello water dog. You are cute.” “Hello land dog. You are too.” “Shall we seal this with a kiss?”

Hoo’s a handsome owl?! You’re a handsome owl!

She’s very proud of her rocks. Do you want to meet her rocks? She has names for all of them. This is Rocky. This is Rockie. This is Rockefeller. This is Rockalady. You don’t have to remember their names. It’s OK.

“Your ears are long and beautiful. Your tail is so bushy and cute. You have a good head on your shoulders. Now get out there and be cute for kids running around trying to find plastic eggs filled with chocolate.”

“I’m three inches tall and I’m six feet in the air. If I can do this, you can do anything!!”

They were disappointed when they found out they were nuts though. Squirrels much prefer bird seed.

How freaking adorable is this dog trying to make this tiny bed work? This is like when your grandma buys you a hideous necklace but you wear it every time you go to their house to make her think you love it and wear it all the time.

Whether you are mammal or reptile, you werk it! You can be insect or invertebrate too! Fab doesn’t discriminate.

If you’re like Indiana Jones and you’re afraid of snakes, you may be forced to reevaluate after seeing this cute little buddy.

We did nothing. We did nothing to deserve these beautiful, simple, furry creatures who try to eat rainbows. But I’m so glad we have them.

This is real-life Lady and the Tramp and I am so here for it. Give me an animal romance any day and I’m as happy as a clam.

Newborn puppy + proud dad dog = recipe for greatness

There are two unbelievable things about this photo:

  • A rat is watching Ratatouille
  • The rat’s name is Gravy.

  • undefined

    So I’m not generally big on amphibians, but this little froggy is the cutest creature on the planet. Those eyes! They’re so big!