These 13 ‘Healthy’ Foods Aren’t As Good For You as You Think!

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Not all the items listed below are bad, but many aren’t quite the superfoods you’ve been led to believe. Take a look.

Peas rank higher than you’d guess on the glycemic scale, which links them to weight gain and acne. Not as perfect as they look, eh?

Peppers have something called solanine in them, and that chemical can trigger diabetes and heart disease.

Lots of frozen veggie patties use processed soy as a filler, which is sorta like eating cardboard from a nutritional standpoint. Try buying fresh where you can, or making your own.

Nut milk is hard to extract, so sometimes the big manufacturers get a little help from artificial vitamins like D2, which has been linked to birth defects and brittle bones. Try using fresh stuff if you can track it down.

Margarine’s hydrogenated oils turn into trans fats at room temperature, which are even worse than saturated fats. It tastes way worse than butter, too!

Celery isn’t bad, but it’s not really good, either. It’s pretty much just fibrous water. So enjoy it, but don’t think you’re doing your body any huge favors, since its nutritional density is pretty much nil.

Some manufacturers actually dye their loaves to look more brown and healthy. These loaves can also contain hydrogenated oils, so make sure you do your homework before investing in a loaf.

Most yogurts have as much sugar as a candy bar. So don’t think you’re some health not with that cup of Yoplait or any other commercial brand.

Lots of packaged dried fruit is crammed with sugar and preservatives, which pretty much kicks the legs out from under any nutritional benefit the fruit had in its non-dried form.

Just because agave nectar isn’t artificial doesn’t mean its necessarily healthier. It’s got more fructose than any other natural sweetener, so use it sparingly.

To avoid the carbs of bread, you’re exposing yourself to a long list of other ingredients. If you really want to be good to yourself, just ditch the bread altogether instead of taking this ineffective half-measure.

You’re trading lower cholesterol for a lot of unwanted preservatives and additives with these things. You’re also missing out on the natural vitamins that real eggs offer.

Wraps are almost always made with flour tortillas, which use white flour and a TON of sodium in their preparation. You’re not really being any healthier because you’re eating a thinner form of nutrition-less bread, so be careful!