We owe almost everything we have to our moms. They went through the pain of dealing with us during our youth, so the least we can do is help them out a little when they need it. And these mothers in particular could definitely use the help.

You'll see why below.

Technology can be a tough mountain to climb for a lot of moms.

Like this one, who might not understand how Wi-fi works. Maybe she'll invent a better version!

Even something as simple as a phone can cause big trouble for some moms out there.

You know what would've been more surprising than getting three accidental voicemails? Getting one intentional voicemail. Who uses that anymore?

If you know what's good for you, then you won't miss any of your mom's calls.

Because at best she'll passive-aggressively ignore you like this. And at worst she'll give you the "evil eye" that all moms have. You don't want that.

This might be the single most "mom" text ever.

"Tell me how to do it please." Whew. Just take that one in for a second. We can't even begin to imagine his response! It must've taken some serious composure to not immediately die of laughter.

Even old "technology" like a toaster can be trouble for the wrong mother.

Wait, the numbers on a toaster are supposed to be minutes? Huh. You learn something new every day. But this failure is nothing compared to the next mother, who is more confused than the last several moms combined.

Okay, to be fair we can see how the confusion started here.

Cause that does look like a speedometer, but mum...honey...what kind of car goes 300 mph? And why would your daughter text you a picture of her speeding?

This mom can't even blame technology. Her fail was all on her.

How do you take pictures of the wrong person thinking it's your kid? You'd think she would have a pretty good handle on what her own daughter looks like but maybe not.

Mothers tend to be really smart with their money.

Sometimes maybe a little bit too smart. Do they have employee discounts at Dollar Tree? Probably, right? It's a valid question!

Moms can have a hard time keeping up with all the new hip lingo the kids have nowadays.

But you're probably lucky she didn't hear what you actually said there, buster.

This mother is also a teacher, which is just a recipe for disaster.

Students can never be trusted. At least this mom is cool enough to be self-aware — unlike this next unfortunate mom.

Where do we even start here?

First, that is NOT "teenage lingo". It's from Titanic. Second, what an awful thing to have to explain to your mother.

When your mom asks for "just a sip", be prepared to lose more than a sip.

But she did go through the trouble of birthing you, so some soda is the least you can do for her.

Sometimes as a parent, you have to hide things from your children.

Sometimes those things are BBQ potato chips. This might be the rare occasion where the mom is the winner and the daughter failed because she was tricked into eating healthy.

However, not all moms are as successful with their food.

Spinach and jalapenos look nothing alike except that they're both green. How do you confuse the two?!

Mom brains are a special thing.

They are very powerful, very caring and very loving, but at times very naive. We love you nonetheless, moms!