These Hilarious Texts Show What Happens When You Send Dad To Go Buy Pads | 22 Words

Tia Savva, a young woman from the UK, was in need of some feminine hygiene products, so she did what any logical PMSing young woman would do — asked her dad to go get them.

via: Daily Mail

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and poor Dad was left to try to decipher from the hordes of choices of sanitary napkins at the store, hoping to bring the right ones home.

Thank God for cellphones, as we get to witness the hilarious exchange that followed.

Dad is quick to learn that these things are not only expensive as hell, but that there are so many options it's nearly impossible to tell them apart. His hyperbole is totally warranted.

Time to narrow it down.

Let's just all take a moment and picture him scratching and sniffing the boxes of pads in the aisle before wondering where the heck the suggestions for creams came from.

But there is redemption.

Not only is he bringing home the pads, he's also bringing home chocolate. And that's why you send your dad to the store when you're PMSing. #Dadgoals right there, people.