These Tweets Capture the Sheer Absurdity of What You See on Public Transportation

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Public transportation is a whole other world, where pretty much anything goes. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a train, subway, or bus. In each situation, there are no rules.

I mean, sure, there might technically be a rule that you aren’t allowed to eat on the bus– but people totally do. Any time you step onto a bus or other form of public transportation, you are saying goodbye to everything you can expect to encounter in the regular world and opening yourself up to a brand new idea of “normal.”

Someone clipping their toenails? Seen it.

Someone eating a salad with chopsticks? Seen it.

Someone taking off their socks and switching them to the other foot while also playing the harmonica and singing “Take Me out to the Ballgame?” Haven’t seen it, yet. But I feel like someone has.

Here are tweets that perfectly capture what it’s like to take public transportation.

Well, that’s something you don’t see every day.

On the one hand, using a laptop would make so much more sense and this is pretty darn bonkers. On the other hand, I’m really impressed!

This is normal.

I’m assuming this person means someone brought a kazoo on the bus. But honestly, it wouldn’t really surprise me that much if they had bought it there too.

There’s obviously a story here.

I do not want to know what it is, though.

Having a good train conductor can make the drudge of a daily commute so much more bearable.

That being said, there’s a fine line between “this guy is funny and quirky” and “this guy is really grinding my gears and I cannot wait to be off this train from Hell.”

Must be Arthur Weasley.

I’ve learned more about what constitutes as clothing from riding the bus than I have from anywhere else. You’d be surprised!

“I’m weird.”

I personally think it’s weird to eat a pomegranate like this even if you aren’t on the F train. But maybe I’m the weird one.

This tweet was a real roller coaster.

I hope the boxes are all OK.

I wish I had seen this one in person.

Why is losing your balance on the bus so embarrassing? More importantly, how can I be as cool as this guy?

Life hack!

I don’t know why you would ever need to do this, but this lady figured it out anyway. That’s ingenuity for ya.

Ah! A Typo!

You know what? I’m gonna say it. You’re the bus weirdo in this situation. Let the man craft his email in peace!

Wait, what?

Look on the bright side. With all those people crammed on the train, you’re less likely to lose your balance when it lurches!

Oh, no.

Thanks! Now I have a brand new nightmare to think about.

Face, meet palm.

Did you know they make giant versions of the Monopoly tokens, too? It’s true! I have a few of the shoes.

Travel in style.

Hey, why not? I think most busses could probably use a little extra bling.

Turnabout is fair play.

Of course, this only makes sense if you are the only two people on the bus. Otherwise, you are also the bad guy.

This is the worst.

I have had this happen to me while I was reading with headphones on! Some people don’t get it.


Well, that didn’t quite go according to plan, did it? Better luck next time.


People who leave their AirDrop on for everyone to see are much braver than I will ever be. Then again, if it meant getting photos like this, I might give it a try.

Cute! I think.

I’ve never seen a bird in Tupperware on the bus, but I can say with 100 percent certainty that it would not surprise me even a little bit.


Maybe they’re talking about eating fish on Friday for Lent. Do Presbyterians do Lent? Honestly, I can’t really help this guy out anymore. He’s just wrong.

And they’re off!

Aand that’s my cue to put on my headphones and start reading.  

This is adorable.

OK, this is the one thing on the list that would make my day. I hope she did different voices for all of the characters.


It sounds like this might be the bootleg version of Ratatouille. Or maybe it’s the sequel! RataTWOille.


I know it seems innocuous but imagine how it would feel to wake up to an entire braid in your hair. That is nuts. That is not OK. It is hilarious, but it is also terrifying.

I have so many questions.

Where has he been keeping it? Is it still warm? Why did he choose a hot dog for his travel snack? Is he going to share?

How rude.

Aw, that poor guy! I hope you apologized to him. And then left him in peace, as everyone should do on the train.

That is a lot, though.

I’m with her. I’ll do four floors, but five? Not a chance.

Just the essentials.

This is a man who clearly has his priorities straight. You would do well to emulate him.

Pocket strawberries.

She must have had a Ziploc in her pocket. Right? Please say I’m right on this one. I can’t stand any other explanation.

It’s similar to a salad.

Which is weirder: pocket strawberries or dry lettuce? Leave your answer in the comments! And don’t forget to share this with someone who will get a kick out of it.