There are so many talented people living in the world, today. It's really quite something.

Most of the time, they use their talents to create beautiful decorations, delicious food, stunning art, or incredible music. The things they have to offer us make the world a better place.

But then there are other people who use their powers for evil. They might be able to create something stunningly gorgeous, but rather than do that, they create the stuff of nightmares. Still, you can't deny that their creations did take an impressive amount of skill. I'm not sure why anyone would do such a thing, but hey — here we are.

The pictures that follow are of items that were created by the second group of people. Truly talented individuals who, for one reason or another, simply want to watch the world burn. Proceed at your own risk.

This crocheted baby.

from ATBGE
It's so good! And so, so bad.

This Minion fire pit:

from ATBGE
On the one hand, it does look exactly like a Minion that breaths fire. On the other hand, why does this exist in the world I call home?

This haircut:

Have you ever seen something so amazing, and yet so deeply strange? (If not, you're about to!)

This dog's hairstyle:

from ATBGE
And I use the term "hairstyle" very loosely. I'm not sure you can call that style. I might call it animal abuse.

This coin purse:

from ATBGE
Thanks! I hate it!

This Pokémon truck:

It wasn't enough to catch 'em all, apparently. They had to get them all put on the truck, too.

This ashtray dessert:

I guess that's one way to make sure no one is going to steal your treats. I'm not sure it's worth it.

This chainmail suit:

from ATBGE
That's gotta be pretty heavy, right? How are you going to dance at prom with such a heavy suit?

These tennis shoes:

from ATBGE
Get it? Tennis shoes? That's all I've got for this one. I can't keep looking at it. We have to move on.

This dentist's waiting room:

from ATBGE
This is really smart. As you know, too few people are afraid of the dentist. This will solve that.

This tattoo:

from ATBGE
I like cats! I like tattoos. I hate everything about this.

This ring box:

from ATBGE
Why, though? Why is there a Mike Wazowski ring box?

This hairstyle:

from ATBGE
Plenty of people enjoyed that Rainbow Fish book back in elementary school. Most of us were able to admire it from a distance, though.

This meat cake:

from ATBGE
OK, this is legit horrifying. That being said, it is still cake, and I would absolutely still eat it.

This seashell car:

from ATBGE
You know. To show people how much you love the beach! Sure, you could go to the beach, but where is the fun in that?

This gun crib.

Gun. Crib. Guys, I think we can all agree that those are two words that should probably never be right next to each other.

This teeth ring.

from ATBGE
It's hard to limit my criticisms to a single part of this design because I hate the whole entire thing so very very much.

This three-legged lamp base:

This is perfect if you have a friend who has a leg lamp and you really want to one-up them. Or two-up them, as it were.

These boots:

from ATBGE
Some boots were made for walkin'. These were made for ballin'.

This fanny pack:

I have nothing against people who have "dad bods." But at least make them authentic, ya know?

This Grinch baby doll.

from ATBGE
Yes, this is an actual toy doll. No, I don't know why anyone thought to create it. Yes, I am as horrified as you are.

This corn cob made out of teeth:

In the alternate reality where this horrifying object is from, corn doesn't get stuck in your teeth. Your teeth get stuck in corn.

This Boba Fett hair:

I mean, sure. We've come this far. Why not add a Boba Fett hairstyle to the list? Nothing surprises me anymore.

This tattoo:

Except for this. This did surprise me a little bit, actually.

This "jean bag chair:"

from ATBGE
There is no amount of money I would accept to sit on that chair. Not worth it.

These crocheted costumes:

from ATBGE
At least they'll be warm. And they look happy! That's something.

These fish shoes:

Did you think you were going to see a pair of shoes made out of fish today? Neither did I! But we sure did, didn't we?

This tattoo:

That is an impeccable depiction of Kit Harrington. But just because you can doesn't mean you should.

This sweater made from socks:

So that's what happens to all the socks you lose. Good to know.

This horrible shoe:

from ATBGE
I honestly can't decide which half is worse. Share this with someone who will get a kick out of these horrid designs!