These Husbands Really Need to Step up Their Game

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When you enter into a partnership with a man, you expect it to be just that: a partnership. You want a partner who can assume 50 percent of the responsibilities in the relationship. Someone who knows how to wash dishes and load the dishwasher and cook dinner and go grocery shopping and replace the toilet paper on the toilet roll and perform basic tasks that help you survive as a couple.

The husbands in this list have trouble with all those simple tasks, and believe it or not, many others as well. Sometimes someone does something so dumb that you wonder how they are able to function enough to get through each day. I feel for the spouses of these husbands who have to not only perform most of the household tasks themselves but also reverse the things their husbands inevitably mess up! Husbands of the world, you need to get it together!

The husbands in this list failed oh so hard.

Get ready for your eyes to roll so far back in your head that you give yourself a headache.

Rice in a bag

When your wife asks you to put the rice in a plastic bag in the fridge, she means put it in a plastic bag. Don’t lay the bag on top. Why would anyone ever do that?


PSA for all clueless husbands out there: Dish soap is not the same as dishwasher detergent. If you use regular soap in the dishwasher, this is what you get!


She asked her husband to buy her tampons, and this is what he came home with. Guess he didn’t think it was weird that tampons and sponges were in the same section.

Individually wrapped

She asked her husband to wrap up the rolls they’d made, and he wrapped all 12 individually. Which is fine, I guess, but why do men’s brains work like this? Frustrated yet?

Birthday card

Do you know how much effort it takes to buy your wife a birthday card? Almost no effort! Get on top of it.

Birth shirt

This is not funny. When you are a man supporting your wife through the birth of your child, that is not the time for jokes.

Penis pillows

OK, I have to admit that this one is pretty funny, but just don’t forget to flip ’em back before you have company over.

Running on empty

When a husband says, “Sure, there’s enough gas in the tank,” don’t believe him. Just do not.

Tuna salad

Yo, dudes! Not every squat aluminum can is tuna! Don’t put this in your wife’s lunch! What’s worse than cat food?

Pepper stickers

If you’re in a relationship with a man, you’re going to eventually eat a vegetable sticker. That’s just the way it is.

Hang the bananas

Presumably, he’s lived in that house for years. He’s probably seen bananas hanging before. They do not hang like this.

So much flax seed

No one buys this much flax and chia seed. In fact, no one needs this much. That should last them about 30 years.

Burnt pastries

Yeah, I don’t think you’re supposed to grill croissants. This is so sad because I bet those were delicious.

Muffin tops

This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. This man belongs in jail. But man, you thought this was bad?

Tim Tam

At this point, I’ve learned that if I want any of the sweet treats I buy, I have to buy two boxes. Double it up!

Clean kitchen

This husband did this and then went to his wife and said, “Honey! I cleaned the kitchen!” That’s not clean. Also, that’s a toilet brush.

Peanut butter and jelly

Did a grown man use the jelly or was it a toddler? Man, wipe that crap down!


I don’t even live there and I can see that the square plates go on the top shelf on the left. Get it together, man!

Weird sunburn

This woman let her husband spray her with sunscreen, and somehow this happened. What?! The next one is just straight-up cruel.

April Fools

OK, this is funny. Hilarious. But also so mean. And I would be so incredibly mad if I figured it out.

Too much lint

This is not how you empty out the lint in the dryer. This is like exactly the opposite of what you’re supposed to do.

So close

Just replace the roll. Just do it. Replace it. It takes like three minor hand movements. You can do it. I believe in you.

Tablespoon of rosemary

Are men just not aware of basic measurements? In what world is that close to a tablespoon of rosemary?


Did the sign even look a little bit wrong to him after he hung it? I can’t believe there are more, but there are.

Macaron accident

Men. Springform pans have detached bottoms. Lotta baked goods you could save with that knowledge.

Last ornament

He was supposed to take off the last ornament. Instead, he took off the whole branch. Another simple task gone horribly wrong.


This guy tried to heat up water in a glass bowl…on the stove. Yes, a grown man did that.

Dirty dish

He couldn’t make the effort to get it all the way in the sink after dinner. This is a special kind of laziness.

Group chat

Ah yes, gotta love the accidental group chat! Share this with someone who will understand.