A trend was started when Reddit user JavaReallySucks posted a photo of his adorable dog with the title, "Dog before and after being called a good boy."

Obviously, pet owners everywhere were inspired to do the same. Luckily, Bored Panda compiled them all into one place.

Pets of all kinds definitely have some very different reactions to being praised. Get your "Squee!" muscles ready.

The Trendsetter

This was the first photo posted, the one that set off the Internet. And oh my gosh, it's a good one.

Happy Cat

"Ha! I'm a good boy? Wait til you see what I did to your carpet."

Smiles All Around

This cutie pie's smile is totally infectious with those crooked teeth and that just-drank-water drool!

Who, me?

"Look at me. Look how good I am." "Good boy." "That's right. I am."

Not Falling For It

Something tells me this cat always looks like this. Because cats are evil and will never be entertained by your antics.

Yeah OK

Exhibit B in the argument for cats being evil creatures who won't succumb to the whimsies of their foolish human "owners."

Tongue Out

What a lady's man! Can't get over that smize and that tongue!

Ruffled Feathers

Is this normal?! What does this mean? Is it good? What are birds?!

No Change

This cat couldn't care less what comes out of your mouth. Where's her food?

Total Ham

Hammie is a total ham, but that's OK because... Well, just look at him.

Happy Pup

This spunky pup is pretty cheerful round the clock. It's amazing his smile could get any bigger!

Turtle Love

This guy knows what's up. Now get him a pizza. Turtles love pizza*. *All of my very accurate turtle knowledge comes from TMNT.

Stahp It

It doesn't get much cuter than this, folks. The only two things that could possibly make this more adorable are:
  1. More dogs
  2. More blankets


Once again, cats prove they are impervious to your positivity. This gal won't even look at you.


Look at this little fella! The combo of those colors and that smile make him the most radiant pet on the list!

Side-Eye Extraordinaire

Weiner dog side-eye is the best kind of side-eye. Now get to rubbing that tummy.


Finally, the recognition he knew he deserved all along. He's going to be a star.

Lil' Old Me?

"Sure, you say that I'm a good boy, but what does that really mean? I don't know if I'm actually good. Are any of us good? What is good? What is life?" -this pup having an existential crisis

Belly Rub

"Yeah, fine, I'm good. I'm great, even. "But I got a belly here, and it ain't gonna rub itself."

Over Here

"I know I'm a good girl. "Now toss me my hamburger."

Up and At 'Em

She's just lying there, minding her own business, not even fishing for a compliment. Oh but she'll take it!

Balled Up

Don't be so self-doubting, little guy! You deserve it.

Cool and Calm

It's amazing how a little praise can turn someone's mood around. (He went back to barking three seconds later.)

You Talkin' To Me?

Left: "Am I a good boy? I try, but... I just don't know. It's tearing me apart inside." Right: "Me? You're talking to me, right? I knew it."

You Like Me!

"OK yeah, sure, whatever, I'm a good boy. Can I get out of this car, now?"

What's That?

It's like she's never been told she's a good girl before. She shouldn't get used to it.


Don't mistake this as a little cute cat humility. This is a cat who knows he's great and can't believe it took you this long to say so.

That's Right

Yes, Wrinkles. Even with your smushed snout and all that extra skin, you are good. Better than good, even.

He Knows

"Man, if I don't get some sort of praise for enduring this humiliation, I don't even know what." "Good boy!" "That's a start."

Snake Smiles

I'm a snake charmer. That's right! I told him he was a good boy, and he was totally charmed.

Say Cheese!

"I am a good girl, aren't I? "Wanna pet me now?"

Upside Down

This guy couldn't contain himself! Next up: face licking.


"I'm a good boy? "Clearly, you haven't been to the bathroom yet and seen what I've done with the toilet paper."

Oh Yeah

He's a good boy? But he's a black cat. He's supposed to be the harbinger of bad luck! You're messing with his perfect reputation!

Hug Time

"I'm good, right? "This means I'm better than my sister, right?"