We all did dumb stuff when we were young. Heck, when I was a kid I was so certain that the food in my refrigerator came to life and had a massive party after I closed the door that I would spend all day long whipping it open in an effort to somehow catch them in the act. Needless to say, it never happened. Although those sticks of butter did look awfully suspicious...

If you're a parent, you've seen firsthand the kind of ridiculous stuff little ones will do when they don't know any better. (Actually, some of theme are probably old enough to know better.) These 30 examples of kids being hilariously clueless range from awe-inspiring to worrisome to downright upsetting. But all of them will produce the exact same reactions. People without kids will be horrified and happy about their childless situation, and seasoned parents will say "Yep. I know this all too well."

Icing the Deck.

Ooof. That's gotta hurt. He seems to recover gracefully though, so maybe there's hope for him snagging a spot on the podium yet.

This domesticated child

I mean, there are worse things he could aspire to be when he grows up. Like a professional DJ.

This pizza party ruiner

How would you ever look at your child again after a fiasco like this? Could your heart ever truly heal? I think not.

These genius pranksters

Don't worry, the kid was rescued shortly after this. But the shame of his terrible decision will last a lifetime.

This accurate estimation

Since a squirrel probably weighs roughly one pound, this might be a bit overboard, but it's still a pretty good guess for a three-year-old. And a hilarious unit of measurement.

This mini klepto

Hey, maybe the kid noticed that you were running a little short on plates and utensils and wanted to help out. It's actually pretty thoughtful if you think about it.

This oblivious swimmer

What an insane coincidence! I wonder if that Titus got a time out for pouring Kool-Aid on his sister's pet hamster, too!

This Fortnite near-fatality

Seriously, when will the plague that is Fortnite stop being a thing? I'm too old to understand it but I'm constantly annoyed by it. And now it's trying to kill our children.

This horrifying display

I'm honestly impressed that she didn't run screaming from the house. I'm not sure I'd have the strength to do the same.

This disgusting throwback

Ah, siblings. They never forget embarrassing blunders like this, and they'll wait until the most opportune moment to throw them back in your face.

This not-so-bright idea

This kid's future is so bright that he'll have to wear shades. Literally, because he just blinded himself.

This genius parenting hack

"Honey, I just gave you some. No, you can't have any more." I'm totally remembering this one for when my own greedy kids are wining about having a drink of my soda.

This result of a lack of supervision

Who gave this child access to the internet? Step away from YouTube, kid. You're grounded forever.

This outraged toddler

This kid must REALLY love cornbread. Here's a great example of a situation that they don't tell you how to deal with in parenting books.

This confused child

I guess, technically, she's not wrong. A goose is a poor excuse for a dog.

This party animal

Haven't we all been in this exact situation after a night of too much UV Blue? It's making me nauseous just thinking about it...

This safety officer

What a responsible young man. Next, he'll be putting his baby sister in the freezer "for safe keeping."

This terrible idea

This is a disaster waiting to happen. And the fact that someone allowed him to do this long enough to take a picture is troubling.

This unfortunate fashion accessory

Just look at the deep, deep regret in her eyes. I'm guessing she'll never do this again. Until she forgets about this traumatic experience and shoves it on her head a week later.

This total narc

Seriously, kid? The smugness on his face is almost too much to handle.

This soon-to-be lawsuit.

If you ask me, this was 100% staged and this kid is just looking for a handout. But it was caught on video, which could make it hard to dispute in court.

This job for Clorox

I don't know what happened here, but it doesn't look good. And I'm pretty grateful that I don't have to clean it up.

This is just not right.

This really makes me feel comfortable getting behind the wheel of a car. In fact, I may never drive again. So kids have ruined THAT for me, too.

This twist ending

That's not how that works. In fact, can we all just stop with the asinine "challenges" that are so popular these days? They almost always lead to things like this.

This repeat offender.

Bite my phone once, shame on you. Bite my phone twice, well this Aunt should really never let her niece touch her phone again.

This brilliant word play.

This one's a real thinker. Say the words "Alpha Kenny Body" out loud, slowly. I'll wait.

This honest reaction

Is there anyone among us who can honestly say they wouldn't do the exact same thing after finding a pot of gold?! It sums up that experience perfectly.

This future Pelé.

Poor kid. It was a valiant effort, but alas, his dreams of growing up to become a world-famous soccer player will probably not pan out.

This leapfrog failure

It hurt my neck just to watch this video. If the girl on the bottom doesn't have a lifetime of physical therapy ahead of her I'll be legitimately surprised.

This most unsatisfying Popsicle

This video is like a metaphor for life. Just when you think you're about to finally get a taste of something sweet, cool and refreshing, you're met with cold, hard reality instead.