These Funny Look-Alike Objects Will Have You Doing a Double-Take

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Looks can be deceiving. Sometimes we see unexpected objects in unexpected places. These pictures are like Rorschach tests from the real world. Doughnuts, water coolers and piles of blankets that suddenly look like E.T., a married couple, and Cookie Monster (the big blue guy from Sesame Street). The people who took these photos deserve extra kudos because they were able to recognize the extraordinary things that these ordinary objects so closely resemble.

These pictures will make you go, “Whoa!” and “Cool!” and “Dude!” You’re going to sound like Ashton Kutcher and Sean William Scott in Dude, Where’s My Car? while you scroll through this list. These pictures are that cool.

You might have to pick your jaw up off the floor by the end of this list.

So, maybe wipe down the floor or something. You don’t want a dirty jaw.

Plastic bag cat

I don’t believe this could just happen. This must be is the work of a professional plastic bag artist, which is a thing that I know exists.

Cookie Monster

Not only does this look like Cookie Monster, but this looks like Cookie Monster the moment after he was given the most delicious cookie in the world.

E.T. donut

Never did I ever think that I would want to eat E.T.’s face (he’s not the most attractive alien out there), but here we are.

Cauliflower explosion

This is not the fiery cloud of an explosion, even though that is exactly what it looks like! It’s actually a smoked cauliflower (which sounds delicious).

Thumbs up cloud

Imagine dragging yourself out of bed on Monday morning, getting in the car to go to your job, and seeing this cloud off in the distance. That would turn the whole day around!

Adam’s apple face

OK, this guy’s Adam’s apple looks like Voldemort is trying to escape it. Sorry not sorry.

Manatee croissant

Coincidentally, this chunky, sad animal is exactly what I look like after I eat a chocolate croissant. Exactly.

Tomato duck

You know how sometimes, people grow watermelons in the shape of a square and stuff? This must be what they did with this tomato that looks exactly like a rubber duckie.

Paint cat

Cat portraits are everywhere! I love the gorgeous marbling on this feline.

Mike Grapeowski

Mike from Monsters Inc. always looks delicious, but now, in grape form, he looks extra yummy!

Corrosion map

This totally does look like a map! But don’t try to use it. It will not work.

Continental nails

The North American portion is much more accurate than the South American part of the nail, but it is pretty impressive.

Moth crack

Wow. I was 100 percent convinced this was a moth, antennae and all, but it’s not! It’s a crack in a table.

Concrete Iron Giant

Someone had to do this on purpose, right? This is way too close to be a coincidence.

Dog in dog

Do you see it? The little fold in his ear looks like an eye, and the black patch on the tip of his ear looks like a nose!

Water jug couple

You should have seen these two at the ceremony. It was complete waterworks.

Dragon tree

This dragon tree looks like something out of Game of Thrones. Seriously, I think Bran lived in this tree for a while.

Bart Simpson wrapper

I wonder what this is a wrapper for! It would be extra special if it was a wrapper for a Simpsons snack.

Pound cake skunk

The swirl in this cake may look like an adorable skunk, but I bet it smells way better than those little furry stinkers.

Waterapple Pumpkin

This is a pumpkin! It’s a pumpkin! It’s not a watermelon mixed with an apple! Up is down, and left is right! I don’t even know anymore.

Racing barricades

Those orange dudes do look like they are running the last legs on an agonizing race. The pain on their faces is palpable!

Post cigarette

It looks like a giant lost his cigarette! I wonder what the penalty is for littering in the giant world.

Hanging gingerbread man

This is like the saddest Christmas ornament I have ever seen. It really fails to get you in the holiday spirit.

Chicken nugget

This is a chicken nugget, but with those two little tails, it looks like a whole mini chicken! Has anyone ever breaded and fried a whole chicken?

Fire face

I hate to keep making the same reference, but I’m pretty sure this is what happens when Melisandre looks into the fire in Game of Thrones.

Coliseum scraps

This isn’t merely a “thing along the railroad track.” This is clearly an arena for bug sports and circus events like in the underrated A Bug’s Life.

Iguana rock

Honestly, though, are we sure that this is just a rock and not an actual, petrified lizard head? Because it is uncanny.

Bunny bread

Oh my god, this little bread loaf that looks like a bunny is so cute I want to eat it! No really, it looks delicious.

Sliced ham

OK, this sliced ham doesn’t exactly look like a different object, but it really does look out of focus! Share this with someone who needs their mind blown!