These Might Be the Weirdest Dogs on the Whole Planet | 22 Words

Dogs are the best.

Just take a minute and think about dogs. Big dogs. Little dogs. Dogs with floppy ears and dogs with squishy noses. Long-haired dogs. Dogs with dreads. Dogs with no hair. Dogs who carry their own leash when they go for a walk. Dogs who bring you a stick to throw but then won't let you have the stick because it belongs to them. Smart dogs with jobs and dumb dogs who chase their tail and get surprised when they catch it.

It doesn't matter what a dog does: all dogs are good. It's just science.

But some dogs are good in specific ways that you could never predict. Even after thousands of years of dogs and humans cohabitating, dogs continue to find ways to surprise us. Everyone who owns a dog knows the special things that make their dog weird and extra good.

Here are some of the weirdest, but ultimately endearing things people's dogs do.

A tweet this week kicked off people sharing their dogs' weirdest moments.

The tweet from Twitter user cody mcgee led to people posting videos of their dogs doing weird stuff, and we are very, very grateful.

Most dogs just gobble up their treats right away.

But not Jackson.

This dog is hoping someone will see how good he is at being a statue and sculpt him.

That's my take, at least.

Wait for it...

The tiny bottle cap. I'm dead.

He just wants to be comfortable.

That's a dog who knows what he wants.

Why chew on the ball when you can roll on the ball?

A hot dog needs a roll.

Sound on for this one!

She was inspired by the beautiful sound of the siren.

This story of an oatmeal thief will make you wonder if dogs are smarter than we give them credit for.

My wiener dog is the type of dog to eat to the point of death. She once broke into our cabinet and tore open the oatmeal packet box. We found one oatmeal packet that she had eaten, but we were perplexed at the missing 15 or so.

Day by day, we would find an oatmeal packet in a peculiar hiding spot, one by one.

We never found them all. They're either still hiding, or Daisy got them without us noticing.

It cracks me up to imagine a wiener dog creeping around, carefully placing oatmeal packets in different places, carrying a pile with her. -emilyc2141

Gracie, you are doing it exactly right.

What an angel.

This dog is not weird he is talented.

He just loves ball!

Such cute dogs...wait...

I'm not a veterinarian but I'm pretty sure that's not a dog.

I could watch this video 100 times and never tire of it.

Her little fancy feet!

There's nothing to be scared of, little friend!

But thank you for your protection.

This dog is an official goofball.

Grab that tail.

Chug! Chug! Chug!

Frat dog will take down that puppachino in one gulp.

He likes slides!

This dog is perfect. He even carried his stick with him.

Was this dog a cat?

My dearly departed Siberian would love to "perch" to survey his territory. This involved being in the highest place possible. His favourite place to lie around or sleep was on top of the refrigerator usually. It took me a while to lock everything down but I eventually had it set up so he's not knock everything over. He was very lanky so I'd have to be careful not to trap his legs or tail in the freezer.

This was probably a negative trait for a dog to have but it was just too adorable to go grab a beer and get my forehead licked at the same time. -ArtisanalCollabo

Impressive spelunking.

She's part mole.

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.

The answer is, of course, floppy dog lips.

Just chillin'.

Totally normal.

Does this dog just like to hear the echo of their own bark?

Or is something hiding in that fireplace?

Everyone knows the leg bridge is the most comfortable spot!

This dog is an innovator.

Being a bridge is also comfy.

Well, maybe.

They both look guilty.

But adorable.

I don't actually see a dog in this one?

He must be completely hidden.

This one is for their finsta.

BDF. (Best dogs forever).

Dogs love K pop, too.

So focused.

Oh nooooooooo.

What a buckethead.

The cutest soccer player ever.

She's got a lot of balls in the air right now.

What weird things does your dog do?

Is it even weirder than these pups? Let us know!