These Parents Demanded All Neighborhood Halloween Candy Be Allergen-Free For Their Son | 22 Words

Here's a scary Halloween story for you.

You're at home and someone knocks on your door. A ghost? A goblin? No, something much scarier. A parent handing out an orange flyer asking for everyone to only give out allergy-friendly candy this year!

According to the flyer, a little child's Halloween is totally ruined every year because he has allergies, which is a huge bummer.

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But his or her parents are going around candy-shaming the neighborhood for being "exclusionary," which is an even bigger bummer.

Per the flyer:

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Don't forget. You're not only responsible for your own children, but their child, too.

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But don't worry. They have suggestions — and they're fun!

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Reddit had some suggestions of their own.

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And an important question was raised:

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Maybe just stick with the carrots.