These Parents Just Named Their Baby After a Popular Family-Style Restaurant Chain | 22 Words

Having a baby is a wonderful, magical thing. And choosing their name — the title that will follow them throughout their entire lives — is one of the greatest privileges of parenthood. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to naming your child. You might name them after a grandparent or best friend. You might give them a name inspired by your favorite book character. You might even invent a completely new name to make sure they stand out from every other child for the rest of their life (for better or worse).

Or, you can do what Justin and Jordan Garton are doing and name them after your favorite restaurant.

We're all a little bit crazy for Olive Garden.

Don't pretend you've never made that exact face whenever a plate of shrimp scampi is lowered in front of your face. We've all done it.

First of all, there's the pasta.

There are basically infinite ways in which pasta, meat, and sauce can be combined to make a meal. And Olive Garden has discovered them all.

And of course, the free breadsticks are incredible.

Not to mention unlimited! And don't even get us started on the parmesan cheese! They'll add that stuff to anything!

Sure, it may not be the fanciest restaurant in the whole world.

But you can't eat at fancy restaurants for every meal. (Plus, fancy restaurants don't have unlimited breadsticks. No thanks.)

Also, Olive Garden provides the perfect combination of "doesn't taste bad" and "doesn't cost a lot of money."

It's a few steps up from just making a sandwich at home, but it's not going to break the bank. So yeah, Olive Garden is great. But one couple may have taken their love of the restaurant just a tad too far...

Justin Garton and his wife Jordan have decided that they're going to name their daughter Olivia. That's Olivia Garton, in case you missed it.

The couple announced the name on Twitter with an (admittedly pretty adorable) onesie. "We spent the first part of our lives loving Olive Garden," Justin wrote. "Now we get to spend the rest of our lives loving Olivia Garton."

As you might imagine, Olive Garden (the restaurant, not the baby) was pretty thrilled by the idea.

They even offered to send a gift to the Gartons (including Olivia, who isn't due until December 6). Olive Garden (again, the restaurant, not the baby) clearly loves the baby name, but a lot of people have some serious issues with it.

Most of the response has been similar to this one:

You have to admit: Naming your child Olive Garton is basically ensuring that people are going to ask her about Pasta Passes and never-ending breadsticks for the rest of her life.

Justin later clarified that the baby won't be named directly after the restaurant.

Suuuuuure. That may be true, but we have a feeling that most people will make the connection on their own, even if there's an extra syllable thrown in there.

Of course, there are always going to be haters. But some people have come forward to wish the Gartons well.

Olivia Garton is an unconventional name, sure. But it could be so much worse! At least her parents' favorite restaurant isn't Pizza Hut.