Smart But Horrible People Who Deserve Some Sort of Award

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Not all of us have the capacity to change the world in concrete ways every single day. Some of the work we do is more indirect. But the people highlighted in this list are literal game changers. They are evil geniuses. They are like Dr. Evil if he was smart and actually evil. These people, whether they are pulling pranks on their loved ones or coming up with easy solutions to problems you didn’t even know you had, are a little too good at what they do.

Most of these will make you think a couple of things. Your reaction may start off like, “Oh man, why didn’t I think of that?” but soon it will morph into something like, “Oh no. I have to be on my guard all the time now, so I don’t fall for crazy schemes like these!”

Dr. Evil has nothing on these evil geniuses.

On a side note, though, I think we as a nation are about ready for another Austin Powers movie. Anyway, take a look at these folks.

Lyft playlists

Um, this is genius. I was going to say that I hope he doesn’t get caught– but he’s outing himself –I bet he’s not too concerned about that.

Sippy wine

Honestly, put this woman in the Oval Office. This is perfect because when you are drunk, it becomes harder to sip wine gracefully!

Fake cut

Look, when your mom is stuck in a bad situation, you have to fake an injury to get her out of it. That’s the price of being her kid.

Evil answer sheet

This is SO MEAN. Imagine taking a test and constantly getting patterned answers. You’d think you were going crazy!

Modern art

This is less a commentary on museum-goers’ gullibility and more a commentary on what passes for art these days.

Saw in the fridge

This is terrifying, but I also hope the perpetrator remembered exactly where he put the laxatives because that could end badly for him.

Caged mouse

Imagine picking up your mouse in frustrating because it’s not working and seeing this. I think I would jump out of my skin.

Orange juice

It is orange in color, but lord, help the person that actually takes a wig of this stuff. This is truly evil.

Lego shoes

This is one of the most innovative solutions to an age-old problem that I have ever seen. This person deserves a Nobel prize.

Princess Di shrine

This is amazing. It is something I will do in the future. Oh, you’re bringing a new friend home? Well, they’re going to witness your strange habit of draping your underwear over every lamp in the house.

Googly eyes

Googly eyes are always funny. Always.


This person apparently doesn’t care if their cause people to have massive heart attacks in their own workplaces. This is horrifying.

Snow army

This town isn’t going to take your shenanigans lightly. If you murder an innocent snow woman, they will come back for you with an army of soldiers with soulless copper eyes.

Hidden stash

This is a great move for any parent. Always hide the good candy in a box of disgusting snacks.

Sweet little hustle

This mom isn’t a scammer, she is a genius. She’s gaming the system in the simplest, most harmless way possible. Go, mom!

Makeshift iron

If you’re a student or an adult who hasn’t invested in an iron yet, heat up a pot on your stove and use that! Brilliant!

Sneaking alcohol

It did create a little suspicion, however, when the loaf of bread was extremely heavy. And like, made a sloshing sound.

Tiny pumpkin face

This adorable little carved pumpkin proves that sometimes, less is more. This little guy absolutely deserved to win.

Fake proposal

I love this, however, it will only work once per restaurant. That’s the only flaw in the design of this perfect prank.

3×5 notecard

Professors have to be extra careful these days to make sure they are precise in their instructions. Otherwise, this is what you get.

Any time can be midnight

But truly, this works on adults too. All you have to do is convince yourself that it is no badge of honor to stay awake until midnight.

Leek in the sink

“Help! There’s a huge leek in the sink!” Gotcha!

Cricket hotel

This is adorable. Honestly, this is better treatment than most hotels give you. I hope this cricket knows how lucky he is.

Photoshop prank

This is SO MEAN. I hope his uncle didn’t get frustrated and throw the TV on the ground, actually breaking it.

Wine box boyfriend

A wine box boyfriend will honestly be there for you, love you unconditionally, and nourish you more than a real boyfriend will.

Slashed tires

This is a classic prank, but it never gets old. Also did this person draw their own gorgeous portrait of Slash? Because that’s insane.

Banana message

This is mean because if you took a banana home and then a message appeared in it, you’d have to move out of the country.

Dead dove

If you aren’t aware, this is a bit from one of the best television shows ever, Arrested Development. A classic prank at this point.

Haunted ceiling

Okay, this is cruel. Imagine looking up from your desk and seeing this. Share this with an evil genius you know!