These People Missed the Joke So Hard, They Became the Joke | 22 Words

It's impossible to not cringe while reading these entries...

There's nothing more awkward than when a joke doesn't land...

And you're merely greeted with crickets or perhaps a bit of tumbleweed floating past.

Even more so when it goes completely over the other person's head...

And you find yourself having to explain the entire thing. Yep... it's not good.

By this point, anything that was remotely funny about it has completely evaporated into thin air. 

But what about when someone misses a joke so hard, they become the joke?

Well, we've collected nineteen instances of this exact thing for your scrolling pleasure.

From being unable to understand puns to misquoting famous people, some of these individuals seriously need some re-training in the sense of humor department. So, without further ado, scroll on for a good laugh (or eye roll)...

The classic knock-knock joke

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This person really missed the memo, huh.

Walking on water

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We have no words for this one.

The historian

via: @InternetHippo / Twitter

Someone clearly skipped history class.

The photoshop dilemma

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This is a personal favorite.

The interpreter

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No. Words.


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You can't write this stuff, can you?

Polar bear expert

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Geography really isn't this person's strong suit.

Sad face

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How could you not see this?

Literary expert

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How many times does this need to be explained?

The genius

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Blood types

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I'd definitely not want this guy as my doctor.

Natural disaster expert

via: u/ignag1812 / Via

"Just drink the water." Um...

Russian dolls

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"Is this an inside joke?"

The political buff

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This one went right over their head.

The banana critic

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One word: satire.

Fact checker

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"There was no internet during Lincoln's presidency?"

Good old Tinder

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The speed at which I would unmatch...

The ocean whisperer

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Truly no words.

And, finally...

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