These People Win at Holiday Cards

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! As we get closer and closer to Christmas Day, you may have started feeling some of the pressure to conform to some of the popular holiday traditions. Get your tree, decorate it, hang up the stockings, buy the presents, bake some cookies, and don’t forget to take you Christmas Card picture.

When you really think about it, the taking a Christmas card picture is a silly tradition. After all, it’s not like anyone has forgotten what you look like– they can always click onto your Facebook page or Instagram profile if they want to see you. Then again, hanging a bunch of socks up on the mantle is also a little silly when you think about it.

Still, there are some people who take the holiday card to a whole other level. We love them for it.

Surf’s up!

You might be thinking there are only two chickens in that photo. Look again. There is a third.

Playing with stereotypes.

Something tells me this might result in a lot of questions. But I love it anyway.

Recreating “Death Row.”

How proud do you think these people were after they thought to put the dog in Snoop Dogg’s place? Very proud, I bet.

This is not your average Christmas tree, that’s for sure.

Oh, Christmas tree, Oh, Christmas tree, your leaves are so…different.

Were you fooled?

This is the level of dedication most Christmas cards would benefit from. I applaud all of you!

Here’s one in a similar vein.

Here is another elegant solution. And, there’s no need for Photoshop!

Oh, Bridget.

Something tells me that Bridget is the fun one. That chicken looks pretty fun, too.

Going retro.

Is it even really Christmas if you haven’t gone to Sears and had your picture taken in front of their wood paneling background? I don’t think so!

This one isn’t as biblical as I thought.

You say “sacrilege,” I say “I just found a new religion.” We can both be right.

Good one, dad!

I love all of the holiday cards I receive every year. But I’m gonna be honest– If I ever got one like this, I’d love it a little more than the rest of them.

Responsible parenting!

No babies were harmed in the making of this Christmas card. Not physically, anyway. the Jury is still out on whether there will be psychological wounds.

This card has it all!

Lasers, vests, and a cat! Thank you; this is everything I need. We can do Christmas now.  

Best mailman ever.

I bet Alfie is certainly in the how-liday spirit after receiving this card. It’s just paw-fect.

Thanks, kid!

You don’t want your kids to swallow something and end up needing surgery. But if they’re going to do it anyway, they can at least keep the Christmas card in mind.

“From all of us.”

“What’s that? It’s just me? That’s right! Screw you, Karen!”

Um, yikes.

Hey, this was supposed to be a list of good holiday cards! This one is the stuff of nightmares. No thank you!

Silent Night!

I always knew that was one of my favorite holiday songs for a reason. This was the reason.

Another lonely holiday!

Hey, you’ve got wine and you’ve got a Santa hat. I’d say you’re in pretty great shape for enjoying the holidays!

Christmas Mugshot.

If you don’t already have a mugshot of yourself, you probably shouldn’t try to get one in time for Christmas. It seems like a bad idea, if I’m being honest.

Oh, my. These dogs!

They somehow look exactly like my parents. It’s kind of freaking me out.


I know it’s been a couple years, and it’s still too soon.

Recreating your parents’ picture.

The left picture is a couple in 1991. The picture on the right is of their sons. Everyone did a great job, here.

Tally ho!

I thought these were Tauntauns for a second and I was very impressed. Now I’m just regularly impressed.

Winter is coming.

Even the dog understands how serious the picture needed to be. That’s dedication.

Another Christmas pup!

New rule! Every holiday card should have a dog on it! Thank you.

“I bought you a lottery ticket!”

“I promise I bought the ticket and didn’t just put two bucks in here. That’d be crazy! Ha ha! Nope! I definitely did not do that!”

Well, this a lot.

Remember when I said that faceswap card was the stuff of nightmares? This is so, so much worse.

This one is amazing, though.

Only one family member got what they wanted for Christmas this year. And that was Samson.


If anyone knows this couple in real life, could you please ask them whether they are taking applications for their new best friend? I think I could fill that role.

See ya!

This dog is the true star of this card, and he knows it. Share this with someone who loves receiving seasons greeting!