These People’s Online Shopping Experiences Did Not Turn out the Way They Hoped

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Online shopping is one of our modern world’s greatest conveniences. Sure, you could decide to leave your house and enter an actual store to do your shopping, but why contend with the horrible crowd levels, lack of merchandise, cranky customers, and rude check-out people when you could just peruse your favorite retail establishments from the comfort of your own home in your pajamas with a pint of Haagen Dazs ice cream resting on your stomach? Of course, doing your shopping online also comes with certain risks. Since you don’t get a chance to actually see what you’re buying beforehand, you never truly know what you’re going to get, and sometimes it can go horribly, horribly wrong.

The following unsatisfied customers found this out the hard way, and the results couldn’t be more hilarious. Let this be a cautionary reminder to all you internet shoppers out there. This could happen to you!

This chic sofa

Not only does the style look completely off, but it also looks like it’s been placed in direct sunlight for the past 10 years. I’m also pretty sure it would collapse the moment you tried to sit on it.

These invisible earrings

There’s really no other way she could have provided “photographic evidence” that her package wasn’t delivered. Unless she sent them a photo of her front door with no package in front of it?

This mini backpack

On a positive note, that cat really is rocking that backpack. Maybe this person should quit their day job and start designing cat backpacks instead. There’s obviously a market for that, right?

This spelling snafu

If you think about it, “bleu” is just the French word for “blue”, so maybe the designer of this jersey was just trying to be extra-fancy.

These extra long pants

At the very least, these pants would make pretty effective flippers in the pool. It’s all about looking for that silver lining, people.

This striking portrait

This depiction really captures their beauty and grace, doesn’t it? Good thing this plate is for display purposes only, because I would guess that eating off of it would be a great way to lose your appetite.

This exact replica

So close, and yet, so, so far. At least no one will be able to tell who he is when he’s wearing this thing!

This luxurious pool

What is this, a pool for ants?! Seriously though, this thing could maybe fit 1.5 babies, and that’s it.  

This non-picky pooch

The pureness of these photos is almost too much to handle. Luckily, this pooch was rewarded for his un-diva-like behavior and was sent three amazing dog beds from Casper, Serta, and Big Barker. See, kids? It pays to be humble!

This happy family

I would cherish this thing for the rest of my life. Just look how happy those people are to be with those photoshopped penguins!  

This Slenderman fashion statement

I understand why she’s mad, but honestly, look at those pants. They were never going to look good, regardless of length. But that’s just my two cents.

These nightmare pillows

I respectfully disagree with the “seemed like a good idea in theory” statement. How would this ever have turned out well? Pro tips: Your Mom should avoid putting these on her bed if she ever plans on sleeping again.

This slight edit

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of The X-Files series, but honestly, the patch that this person actually ended up with speaks to me much more than the original did.

This package mixup

Dylan, I understand that all you want is your original order, but I have to say, you look great in that dress. Maybe this is what you’d call a “happy accident”?

These questionable veneers

I’m pretty shocked that I even have to say this in the first place, but please, people, do NOT buy teeth online. I don’t care how good the pictures make them look.

This fashionable hairdo

This dog looks like he just got a horrible haircut and should probably demand his money back. You can tell by that side-eye how humiliating this was for him.

This puffy jacket

Sure, this coat makes her look like the girl who turned into a blueberry in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, but as someone from the midwest, I can’t help just be envious of how warm and cozy it must be.

These teensy sunglasses

Are these sunglasses meant for children? Or dogs? Or dolls? This is why dimensions are so important.

This hazardous cat tower

Ah, yes. The Leaning Tower of Purrrr-sa.

This design fail

Sure, this blanket makes her look more like a pig than a mermaid, but I’ll bet she’s pretty warm and cozy, and that’s all that matters, right? Oh, wait. I forgot about Instagram for a moment.

This see-through slipup

The cheap, completely sheer material, the missing heart on the bust… This is just a big ‘ol mess.

This fuzzy creature

This thing really ties the whole room together. How relaxing would it be to wake up every morning and your feet on this luxurious rug?! Or, rather, one foot at a time.

This half-off sale

Well played, Aldo. This is why reading the fine print is an absolute must.

This cake catastrophe

How is this mess anywhere close to the original picture? It looks like it was hit by a bus! I’d still eat it, of course.

This small skillet

This skillet would be perfect if you just wanted a little snack to tide you over before dinner, like half an egg or a thimble of ground beef.

This total ripoff

Any time you’re buying an expensive brand name item for a fraction of the typical retail price, just expect to get scammed. At least this guy got a new pair of rain boots out of it.

This pint-sized chair

The size of this chair confuses me. It’s too big to be used in a dollhouse, but too small to fit an average-sized human being. Perhaps it’s an especially classy dog bed for a dog office?

This unsafe water vessel

You’re just asking for a lawsuit here, Amazon. What if this guy didn’t realize he only received half a kayak and actually went to the lake with this thing?

This Disney disaster

Oh, the humanity! I’m not saying I would do any better if I tried to recreate the first photo, but then again, I’m not trying to sell these types of monstrosities.  

This unfortunate typo

Honestly, this could have been worse. At least it says “hoe-less”, meaning she is devoid of hoes. Just think about if she had originally bought a necklace that was supposed to say “hopeful” on it.