Photography is an amazing thing. Since it was first invented, people have been using cameras to capture images and phenomena that should be fleeting in pictures that last forever (or for as long as they're preserved, anyway). It's honestly pretty incredible. Thanks to the photographers of the past, we can enjoy glimpses into another time.

These days, pretty much everyone carries a camera around in their pocket at all times. As a result (and thanks to the magic of the Internet), we can see incredible images every day! With just a few taps on your phone, you can see a mountain on the other side of the world which you may otherwise never have been able to see in your lifetime.

Another benefit of everyone always having a camera nearby is that when something crazy happens, you can snap a photo to share with everyone on the Internet. The following photos may look like they've been Photoshopped, but they haven't! They're just photographic captures of real-life "glitches."

Like this "underwater" plane.

(It's actually just the tint of the windows making it look like the plane is underwater.) I'll admit this photo looks a little spooky at first glance!

Fabric wall.

The dust that collected on the wall behind a piece of fabric makes it look as though the wall itself is made of fabric! I can't unsee it!

Four seasons.

I've heard of a four season room, but I didn't realize it meant experiencing all four seasons at once!

Sink in a cruise ship.

I imagine a lot of the time on a cruise is spent marveling at how gravity keeps "failing" due to the ship's angle. And then the rest of it is spent at the buffet.

The disappearing filing cabinet.

So that's where I keep putting all those files that I can't find later. This explains a lot.

Is this how pineapples work?

It honestly looks like someone cut out a pineapple in Photoshop, shrunk it down, and then pasted it into another pineapple. And I can't help but wonder why anyone would ever do that?

Has science gone too far, or not far enough?

via: Reddit

What's truly disconcerting here are the freckles on the fake hand. It makes it feel like some scientist somewhere is halfway through building a robotic clone of this man.

But there's a solid line?

Okay, yes, this happened because a flood washed out the color up to an exact waterline, but it honest to god is exactly what happens when you use a layer mask in Photoshop and that is freaking me out.

Can I use this to buy a basketball?

I bet this is what money looks like in the Space Jam universe.

Hold on. PillCam?

I am willing to believe that there is such a thing as a tiny camera embedded in a pill. I am not willing to believe that they wrote "PillCam" on it in enormous letters.

Again with the Photoshop!

Maybe some roses do have white leaves, But I know exactly what adjustments I would make to the Hue/ Saturation sliders to make this happen in Photoshop.

Think they're a good swimmer?

I'm just saying, if I were on the high school athletic commission, I probably wouldn't let this kid swim. They're wearing 1/4 of a flipper! The other kids don't have that!

The picnic basket company spent their entire advertising budget on their new headquarters.

This is straight up the kind of building you used to see in cartoons when an animator had to draw a building for a picnic basket company and didn't want to look at any reference material.

This kid points.

I think I'd actually be really mad to haven extra cube in my finger. You have a cool genetic abnormality, but it doesn't give you any advantages? That sucks! I bet this kid is super jealous of the fast-swimming kid with 1/4 of a flipper.


via: Reddit

Okay, what's going on here is that one Frosted Mini Wheat wasn't sliced back at the Frosted Mini Wheat factory. It happens! But it does look like a dump. I'm sorry, but it does, and we're not ever going to be able to process ow disgusting this is if we don't talk about it.

We're gonna need one more slot, minimum.

What kind of person is making one long piece of toast instead of two normal-sized pieces of toast? I'll tell you who: history's greatest psychopath, that's who.

Nature doesn't do that.

via: Reddit

This tree, broken at an exact 90 degree angle, is defying the laws of physics. Why didn't it continue falling? it looks like a wizard cast some sort of time-stop spell as it was falling.

Actually a good idea.

This dishwasher has a specific slot for chopsticks. You never see that in dishwashers, but maybe you should? This is one weird brain-breaking photo that's actually cool and makes me hope it'll continue to be the trend.

The Tooth Fairy is not a bartering system.

This little kid left the Tooth Fairy a bottle of hand sanitizer, which is very sweet in these difficult times. But the only thing the Tooth fairy wants from us is teeth. This is like giving a dog an iPad — they're not going to know what to do with it.

But that's not what stitches are for.

Stitches are for people. For people. Not machines. I can't tell you how many times I've had to say this to my incredibly advanced AI companion Chesapeake-5 when he accidentally cuts himself preparing my dinner.

Where we're going, we don't need chandeliers.

Doesn't it look here like the glass orbs are raining down upon the viewer? It's one of the few photos that makes me want to take shelter. (The other kind of pictures that make me want to take shelter are those 1950s pictures of kids practicing their ducks under their desks in case of nuclear war.)

Here comes the snail!

via: Reddit

This almost looks like a comic book panel. Just before, the villain captured the hero and is about to kill them. But then, at the last minute, adventurous sidekick the snail flies in to save the day.

Keep this away from the liquor shelf.

This is hand sanitizer, but because hand sanitizer-makers can't crowd into the hand sanitizer plant due to COVID-19, they've been making their product in alcohol distilleries. That's why it looks exactly like a bottle of gin.

This is not how much gas costs, is it?

A lot of weirdness in the wake of COVID-19, but the gas prices going down to their 70s level is pretty surprising. I'd expect this picture to be in black and white at those prices.

What a delightful surprise!

Has COVID-19 caused Swedish Fish makers to make their product in the Swedish Berry plant?

This feels like a trick.

These are Easter chocolates disguised as carrots. I wouldn't trust something if I can't tell what it is on the outside. If they betrayed my mom — who wants me to eat more carrots in general — who's to say they wouldn't later betray me too? What if I eat one and it's chocolate, but the next one is broccoli?!

I guess this is a nice thing to do.

It's so strange though — who's ever walked behind a car, saw its bumper stickers, and said "I wish I could take that for free"? If anything, I see people's bumper stickers and feel glad that I've always refrained from putting bumper stickers on my cars.

Definitely feels like a glitch.

What are the odds that Dave Mathews would put the Twin Towers on a shirt advertising a show on September 11th? It feels impossible.

'Sup dude?

Look at what a chill time this little tree-guy is having. It's too bad he's just made out of shadows and tree rings, otherwise I think we'd definitely hang out.

This can't be right.

It looks like someone copied a door in Photoshop and then just jammed on Ctrl+V. My hard drive is grinding just having this picture up because it thinks it needs to have a separate layer for each door like it'd need to in Photoshop.

Wasn't expecting that.

Most people have a single book out on their coffee table, like the art of Super Mario Odyssey, or a collection of tasteful nudes. I don't even know how you'd get a foosball table in one of those.

Make up your mind, cookie box.

Why did you open the door to the idea of liking floor cookies by saying "unless you like floor cookies," only to immediately shame me for being into the idea of floor cookies?

Now this is lovely.

Why can't all strawberries — no, all fruits overall — come in the shape of stars? I am so sick of circles and pear-shapes and whatever the hell shape bananas come in.

I see you!

I don't know, it's pretty scary to find an eyeball in your soap. Maybe the guy who found it is cheating on his wife and she suspects something, so she made a little soap art in the sink to remind him that he's being watched?

The ultimate face-pal moment.

This is what money looks like after you think you can clean all its germs off by microwaving it. It still looks like money, but a kind of shriveled money. Truly a bummer for the owner of that money.

Two pictures or one?

There are plenty of pictures like this on the Internet, and I always get such a kick out of them. It's like looking at two different world at once!

Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

This really looks like some kind of glitch in the Sims computer game. But it's not! I just forgot how mirrors work for a sec.

Trampoline or portal to another world?

If you go to jump on that trampoline, you're either going to end up transported to another land...or your socks are going to get soggy. Either way, it's probably not worth the risk.

The transparent phone.

I know it's just the reflection of the cupholder on the phone screen that makes it look transparent, but what if we had clear phones?! Now I really want those to exist.

Fishing trip.

The shadow on this guy's shoulder makes it look like the guy in the back was totally Photoshopped in. But he's really there! At least...I think he is.

This is not how puzzle pieces work.

It almost looks like whoever was working on the simulation that is our reality got "cat" and "puzzle piece" mixed up. Hey, it happens to the best of us! (But maybe the Matrix needs to double-check its copy-editing process.)

Yo dawg, I heard you like trucks...

I'm actually gonna need a Ken Burns 14 hour-long documentary on this man. Why did he put his truck on his truck? Who offers this service? And what else does he own that has a picture of itself on it?

Why is Jessica Alba on that wine?

And more importantly, why is it a stock photo of Jessica Alba? If she landed an endorsement deal I could understand. but this looks like a picture taken way before she was famous? Something isn't right here.

Is he a teenager?

Maybe this bird ages out of its baby fuzz much slower than the rest of his bird peers? Either way, this bird looks like the world was trying to render a full-grown bird but got stuck at 55 percent.

Not where handles go, bud.

I like the idea — door handles are grabbed by tons of gross people with grimy hands, so why not open them with your foot? But is this the answer? Do you kick it once and then jump out of the way as the door swings open? Maybe I just need to see it in action.

This breaks natural laws.

No. No no no no no. Nature is organic. It has no defined shape. Now, man-made stuff, on the other hand — that's where you find the grids, the tiles, the interlocking patterns, etcetera. To see a piece of nature growing in a grid? Why, it's just not right.

How would she reach all the way up there with her clippers?

via: Reddit

That's it, I refuse to believe this picture. This is a hoax. This poor girl got photoshopped into being teensy tiny after taking a picture of her normal-sized self in front of her normal-sized hedges. That has to be what happened. It just has to be.

Not possible.

Again, whoever was in charge of the computer simulation that is our world just copy+pasted "childhood-memory-01.png" into two different photos in some married couple's house.

The seam's touching the seam.

Do you know the odds that an actual pair of shorts would line up with an actual scar? Almost 100 to 1. And I've checked with Vegas. (One weekend I got stranded in Vegas and didn't have a lot to do so I just asked the bookies about weird things I can gamble on.)

Two separate ideas that are way too similar.

What are the odds that these two images show up right next to each other on a newsfeed? 1 in 100? 1 in 100,000? See, this is why I wish I hadn't dropped out of statisticians' college. I knew this kind of thing would drive me nuts.

But we already had styrofoam peanuts.

Who takes the time to just invent a new kind of packing peanut? Don't these inventors have anything better to do with their time? We still don't have jetpacks, people!

A real-life example of clipping.

Sometimes, in video games, a character won't line up right with the ground, and will look like they've sunk into it. It's called "clipping." Good video games test out most examples of this happening, but bad ones have tons of moments of clipping, and it's very distracting. Anyways, if this doesn't convince you that not only are we in a computer simulation, but a kind of crummy computer simulation, I don't know what will.

Some hero.

Do most Marvel superheroes inspire this kind of terror in people just trying to get to their jobs on time?

A great flood is coming... to this very K-Mart.

I cannot emphasize this enough: arcs belong at sea, not in a parking lot. Dropping an arc in the middle of the street is just asking some overly-anxious guy start rounding up two of every animal.


I think this is from the noble ending in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Is this what happens if you put an egg in the freezer?

I always thought about doing that prank where you put eggs in the freezer to my buddy Rick — dude was super particular about his eggs — but never got up the courage.

No no no, plants grow from the ground. Plants.

Although, now that I think about it? Where do peanuts come from? Someone must be growing them, right? Is it Jimmy Carter? Why do I think it's Jimmy Carter? (I have never been more confident that the Matrix is rewriting new memories into my brain than I am right now.)

Tongues do not work like that.

If you ask me, this cat's tongue is not right. I mean, look at it! It's more twisted than Jared Leto's Joker.

"Those look familiar..."

I guess I always assumed packaging companies drew their own measuring cups and bowls and the like, or maybe rendered them in advanced 3D software. I never imagined they just went to Target and bought stuff and took pictures of it. Kind of takes the magic out of marketing, don't you think?

Not buyin' it.

All right, computer simulation that is our universe. If you wanted me to think a dog just happened to have a patch of hair that looks like a heart, maybe I'd believe you if you put the heart, oh, I dunno... literally anywhere that wasn't directly over their heart?

We don't put walls there.

Although, again, this bizarre picture has me questioning things I never questioned before. Why don't men go into stalls when they're using the urinals? Don't they need privacy there too? It's still a bathroom thing!

What is this? A crossbow for ants?

Oh. Oh no. It's much darker than that... This is a crossbow for hunting ants.

Pretty satisfying, actually.

Now that's what I call flush.

He is a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A dark knight.

I was going to say "bark knight," but I just said "flush" about the perfectly-lined up toilet door and that put me over my pun quota.

I know that guy from somewhere.

Indeed he does. And believe you me, Steve Harvey will be getting in touch. And soon.

How embarrassing.

The only time I've ever eaten caviar has been at high society, 15,000 dollar-a-plate fundraisers at the homes of senators. And if I'd gotten caviar all over the place like this, why, my political futures would be ruined. I can only assume the same is true for this otter. Too bad.

Nope. Too big.

That carrot is just too big. What's next, are you gonna tell me there's a pot 10 times bigger than any pot we've ever seen that we could toss this into to make a stew?

How do you survive that?

Another big argument in favor of this universe being a big computer simulation: you know what happens to people who get shot usually anywhere, but especially where the spine meets the skull? They die.

Previously, on...

I wish all streets were named after my favorite TV shows. I would move to This Is Us Lane the first chance I got.

Foggy sign.

I honestly had no idea what I was looking at here. If you're in the same boat, here's a photo of this same space on a clear day. Pretty wild, right?

Up and away!

Rollercoasters are getting more and more extreme these days. I don't think I'd be brave enough to go on this one.


Either this house is located on some kind of interdimensional portal, or... No, you know what? That's actually the only explanation.

Where's the fan blade?

This would seriously drive me crazy. I would paint the ceiling just to avoid this particular optical illusion.

Intersecting poppies.

Every time I glance at this photo, I am sure the lines intersect. But they don't. It's driving me a little bananas.

The view from a plane...

...Just kidding! It's the view of a puddle. It just looks like a sweeping view from a plane window.

A giant cigarette?

Nope. Just a pole that got knocked over.

Straight out of a video game.

Make sure you hit a save point before it gets too dark!

What's that in the sky?

This is exactly the kind of photo that exists primarily because people carry a phone around in their pocket. Can you imagine trying to describe this phenomenon to somebody without having a picture handy? I'm so glad we live in the time we do.

Cauliflower explosion.

First of all, I would really like to taste that cauliflower. I didn't even know you could smoke it. Secondly, I'd like to call dibs on the band name Cauliflower Explosion. Thank you.

There's a car in this photo:

Look closely and you can see the car's tire on the left side of the photo. What's even crazier is the fact that the car is not made of mirrors. It's just very clean.

Bag cat.

On the plus side, this cat won't shed and you don't have to clean out its litterbox. Unfortunately, it doesn't really do anything else, either.

The light in the sky.

Taking photos through a window can sometimes result in hilarious "glitches." Or glitches that are a little spooky, like this one.

The missing corner.

Some people devour books in a metaphorical sense. Others take it a bit more literally.

Camel head.

Don't worry; no camels were harmed in the taking of this photo. The guy is just standing in such a way that blocks the rest of the camel's body.

Clear coin!

OK, now I want clear phones and clear money. Who do I talk to to make this a thing?

Glowing trash.

I don't know what you just threw away, but you should probably get it out of the trash can. It seems important.

Spinning popcorn.

I think this is probably the closest we'll ever come to the moving pictures of Harry Potter in my lifetime.

A clear fish?!

OK. Clear phones. Clear money. And clear fish. I promise I'll stop there.

Rainbow cheese!

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