Do you ever have one of those days where all you need is a wheelbarrow full of crisp McDonald's fries, fresh donut holes, or simply a smorgasbord of gummy candy? You rush to your favorite carb-dispensary to slather your woes with the sweet, sweet antidote of instant satisfaction. The first time you dip your hand into the paper bag and grab some piping hot fries almost feels illicit. Is it legal to get this kind of salivary satisfaction in public? And then, after what feels like just two seconds of munching on your saving grace, it's gone.

Someone caught Anne Hathaway experiencing this universal moment of disappointment. The stars, they're just like us.


The aptly named Twitter account, Anne doing things, posted pictures of Hathaway's unpleasant surprise yesterday.

Hathaway went to a bakery and purchased a warm drink and some chocolate cupcakes. She looks pretty cozy in her beige wool coat. This looks like a lovely moment of cupcake bliss.

Here she is enjoying a cupcake.

via: Anne Hathaway Doing Things

It's so small though. Small cupcakes are great because they're so easy to eat, but they're also horrible because they're so easy to eat.

Here's Anne grabbing another cupcake.

via: Anne Hathaway Doing Things

This captures the moment of serene ignorance before disaster hit. Does she have an inkling of doubt about there being more cupcakes in the bag? Who's to say.

And finally...

via: Anne Hathaway Doing Things

She realizes that she's already eaten all of her cupcakes without noticing. We love her hilariously disgusted and exasperated expression when she discovers this unfortunate truth. We're sorry for your loss, Anne. We feel your pain. Those cakes are so darn small. You need a billion of those tiny things. They should come in boxes of twelve.