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If you know me at all, you know that I am certain that pizza is the best food in the world. It can contain all of the food groups, it's perfectly portable, and it tastes oh, so good! Because I grew up in New York, I am a bit of a pizza snob. Basically, I know what I am talking about when it comes to the stuff. And I believe that the people highlighted in this list are true pizza connoisseurs.

Now, not every pizza pie in this list looks legit. But I believe these innovators deserve to be lauded for their creativity and their boldness, and I am confident that someday, we can have things like a quality pizza vending machine if we really try. And I believe we should try. Mainly because that sounds super awesome. These pizza geniuses are all living in the future while we are stuck in the present.

Look at this face.

This is the face of a creature who knows the pure joy of pizza. This is the face I made while looking through all the pictures below...

Circular box

Um, why is Viva Pizza the first place ever to put their pizza in a circular box to prevent it from sliding around? This should be standard.

Cornerless bag

Another thing that should be standard in pizza places! A bag designed without corners so those boxes can lie flat.

Cardboard plates

No one uses plates for pizza anyway. It's paper towels and napkins all the way, so this is a genius move.

Pizza portal

OK, if I get into the Pizza Portal will I be transported to a land where everything is made of pizza? Because that's what I need.

Pizza vending machine

OK, there is no way this pizza that's ready in two-and-a-half minutes is good, but I think this is the first step to something beautiful.

Box in a box

This extra box probably provides a surprising amount of insulation when it's cold out. This pizza delivery guy is next level.

Pizza boat

Heck yes, I would go on boats so much more often if I knew there was the possibility of getting pizza delivered to me on the water!

Pizza pizza box

Yes, this is a pizza box made out of pizza. It's brilliant and I fully endorse it.

Pizza window

Pizza and a movie is an indelible combination! You can't beat it. This is a truly beautiful example of a symbiotic relationship between two companies.

Pizza gloves

Pizza gloves are perfect if you are eating pizza during your lunch break or right before you go perform surgery or something. You don't want grease all over those fingers.

Tuxedo box

Everyone likes to feel a little bit fancy sometimes, so why not while you're eating pizza? I love this pizza box.

Visual menu

This menu gives you a realistic idea of what your pizza will look like, toppings and all, so it's perfect for those visual learners out there.

Tabasco sampler

Um, yes. Not only do you get tiny bottles of hot sauce to add to your pizza, but they're tiny so you get to feel like a giant!

Dough ball

Instead of wasting plastic by using a little table, this pizza place gives you an extra ball of dough! Yes, please!


I love that you can only get chopsticks at this pizza place. Because no one should ever use a fork and a knife to eat pizza.

Holding instructions

You probably have to have no feeling in your hand to hold a pizza from the middle of the bottom, but it's nevertheless helpful to put instructions on the box.

Dough show step

At Domino's, kids can step up to watch the magic of pizza being made. It's better than Disney World. Trust me.

To-go handle

I have never seen such expertly wrapped pizza. The handle is perfect. This person deserves a prize and a patent, to be honest.


This is brilliant. When you go to the club, chances are you're going to drink a bit and dance and get hungry. Lucky for you, you've got the phone number of a pizza place stamped on your body. Genius.

Perfectly places pepperoni

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Whoever made this pizza is the best. They placed the pepperoni just so so that when sliced, each slice would have three pieces. Perfect.

Shredded 'roni

In another genius move, this pizza place shreds its pepperoni for maximum coverage and also so whole chunks of cheese and meat don't slide off your slice when you take a bite.


Many times, ordering pizza is a crapshoot. You never know how big the "large" is. This pizza place eliminates the mystery.

Reheating instructions

Yes! This is great. Do not microwave your pizza to reheat, you monster. That's astoundingly bad form.

Free pizza

I don't even care what the house looks like. I'll take it.

Pizza phone

What hotel is this? I need to stay there. I will do nothing but sit in the room, take limo tours, go to the spa, and order pizza.

Pizza drawer

This freezer knows exactly what you are going to use it for and it has no qualms about that. I love that. This freezer knows the deal.

Beatles pizza

I mean, I hate to say this, but never order a Ringo. Nothing against the guy, it's just like, who is that pizza for? An ant?

Fresh label

This is for real pizza lovers. This pizza place tells you what time a pie was cooked, so you know exactly how fresh it is. This is how you do pizza.

Pizza topping

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Of course, pizza should be topped with tiny pizza slices. The ultimate slice. Share this with a pizza fan you know!