The world's a dangerous place. Even when you're trying your best to be safe and responsible, things can go off-track, landing you in the hospital...or worse.

Yet the people in the pics below seem to be going out of their way to invite danger and risk into their lives. Do they have a death wish? Are they dumb? We'll never know. All we have are these pictures showing us that many, many people in the world don't give a damn about safety.

At least get in a lane!

Well, someone sure trusts that board.

When it's so hot you risk death to fix the AC...

That outfit is about three seconds away from getting sucked into the spokes of that bike.

If you can't see the danger, then it doesn't exist.

SO MANY things could go wrong here.

Maybe it's time to invest in...a car.

Well, as if being on a bike wasn't dangerous enough...

"We are the harness."

That is NOT a scaffolding.

Mother of the year.

When the cherry picker just won't reach.

It's the minivan of motorbikes.

I hope it beeps as it drives through.

OSHA does NOT approve.

He knows. He just doesn't care.

That's NOT a helmet.

Look at the acrobat over here!

Yeah, you might want to set that on a table or something...

The proximity of his feet to the wheel is creeping me out.

That better be one strong rope...

Two ladders make it safer, right?

I hope that's helium!

Well, he found two ways to make this dangerous.

What could go wrong?

That's...not how ladders work.

I'm not sure they're licensed and bonded.

Don't worry. The power lines will break his fall.

This looks like a video game.

How to make a motorbike even LESS safe...

That's a death trap, plain and simple.

You can tell he's psyching himself up to actually go through with this.

That's a funny-looking jack.

What a cruel taunt.


What? WHAT?

I think the risk here is intentional.

School bus?

There's a party, and I wasn't invited.

He thought he saw a penny.

Enjoy the last four minutes of your lives, ladies.

The guy with the stick isn't really helping.

"Hold me."

He's close to recreating the bow scene in Titanic.

Reading is fun.

No one will bother him in here.

Alert and ready to pounce...

The dog didn't get a say in this...


A video game boss hits the open road.

Don't worry. There's a built-in alarm clock.

This might actually be the safest photo here.

Do you trust their strength?

If it works, it's not stupid.


Just catchin' a ride.

This is as funny as it is insane.

Keep smilin', pal.

Oh, no. Those are not load-bearing chairs.

The gang goes for a ride...

Clean windows are happy windows.

So much danger...

A man's gotta eat.

One crotch between that dangling man and death.