These Revelations About the World Are Actually Bonkers | 22 Words

In 2019, we are a culture of go, go, go. There is no time to stop and smell the proverbial roses...or the literal roses, for that matter. If you are not #hustling 24/7/365, you are not doing it right. When there is so much to do, so much news to keep up with, so much work to do, so many social engagements to keep up with, and so many social media posts to write to broadcast how busy you are, we can often forget to stop and breathe and let ourselves actually think.

But one Twitter hashtag asked people to do just that. #IfYouStopAndThinkAboutIt had people everywhere, well, actually stopping and thinking about things for a second. And the revelations that occurred to people when they did that, about all sorts of things concerning the world we live in, will totally blow your mind. All you have to do is take a moment to stop and think about it.

Hold onto your butts.

Because these are going to make you think. And ponder. And question everything you know.

Your face

You better believe I read this and then scrunched my face tried to look down and see as much of my real face as I could. It didn't work.

Lobster heaven

"We're free! We're free!" โ€” all the lobsters on the Titanic, probably

Butt arms

I hereby put forth the motion to stop calling legs "legs" and start calling them "butt arms." All in favor, say, "Aye!"

Katpee or Peeniss

This is hilarious. This is why I'm gladย The Hunger Games is not real life. Just this. No other reason.

Earth sandwich

I would like this to be coordinated and for it to end up in the Guinness Book of World Records, please. Someone, make this happen.

Head over heels

Wait... I've never thought of this before. Of course, they are! So then what does the phrase mean?

King's horses

Horses are actually remarkably wrong to try to put a man made out of an eggshell back together again. They're quite clumsy.

50/50 ketchup/mustard

This sounds really gross, but it's no different from putting ketchup and mustard on something, really. I guess...

Roller coasters

They're only useless if you think transportation is supposed to bring you from point A to point B, and not from point A to point A again.

One in a million

This is kind of comforting, in a way? Like, I wouldn't mind if there were 7,000 others like me. That's still pretty unique.

Body shelf

Dude, I love a comfy body shelf. As long as my body shelf has a bunch of pillows and a soft blanket, I am there.

Big questions

These are all great questions, but the last oneย really got to me. I love language. And I need to know the answer.


My eyes got really wide when I read this just now. Like... Did it? Is this real?


I don't know if I agree with this assessment, but smartphones are definitely making us more dependent on phones.

On fire

This tweet is on fire! Wait! Fire is on this tweet. No, that doesn't work.

Belly buttons

So, what you're telling me is that Adam and Eve were aliens from the same planet at Kyle XY from the show,ย Kyle XY. Got it.

Assless chaps

You know, this is true and all, but I mostly included this tweet for this incredible GIF. You can't look away.


This is mostly true, except there are some people without nipples (after surgery, for example), and some people with third nipples, so it's not entirely accurate.

Never stop

If you think about stopping thinking, you're still thinking. I know. It's too much.

Geese and meese

Listen, I agree with you. The English language is full of nonsense like this. It's an unfortunate reality.

Park and drive

This is an age-old question, one that I have no good answer to because no good answer exists. It's dumb that this is true, but it is.

True black

See, nothing is actually black and white. It's all different shades of gray.

Taking a dump

Honestly, it would be really strange and unsanitary if you were to actually take the dump. Don't do that.

Smoke alarm

This is terrible! Another failure of the English language. How can "go off" mean to "turn on"? Come on, people!


To be fair, though, they were magic shoes. ...And they were really sparkly.


Chinese restaurants don't need to advertise. You either know them and are hip, or you don't and you're extremely uncool.


This is probably why giraffes stick with cold beverages instead. It would be a waste to drink something hot.


I'm so curious about the first people to do drugs. They probably had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

Life advice

Ferris Bueller knows all. Share this with someone to blow their mind!