These Starbucks Orders Are So Insanely Complicated You’ll Get Anxiety Just From Looking at Them

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But while you think your “skinny one-Splenda latte” might be high maintenance, you’re wrong. Some people are going out of their way to create the most insane, over-the-top Starbucks concoctions you’ve ever seen. And other people? Well, some people are just really high-maintenance. Either way, they’re all a barista’s worst nightmare. See their crazy concoctions below.

25 pumps of caramel sauce!!!! Why not just get it hooked up to your veins?

This is Jennifer’s order. She’s a giant pain, if only because she doesn’t ALWAYS order the same thing.

I bet it’s easier to bake a cake than to make some of these nutso orders.

Man, she’s gonna get diabetes if she doesn’t get murdered by the people behind her in line.

Just go to a candy store, Brandon.

Blueberry topping? Are we at a Cheesecake Factory?

Their daily coffee habit is more than most people pay in rent. I wonder if they have to staff a dedicated person just to make this insane drink every day.

Of course, by the time you read this, someone else will have taken the title, but it’s good to be the king of crazy orders, if only for a day. SIXTY SHOTS! Talk about going out with a bang!