These Target Fails Will Make You Question Your Favorite Store

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Target is one of the most wonderful places on Earth. I mean, the store has everything. There are not many places in the world where you can go to buy milk, deodorant, shoes, clothes, televisions, bedsheets, and misspelled Easter signs from the dollar section. If you walk into a Target and see someone gliding down the aisles doing dance moves while they roll about on a shopping cart, singing about how much they love this store, don’t worry. That is just me.

Target is the best. Except when it is not.

Unfortunately, even the world’s best store fails on occasion. You could say that Target sometimes misses the…target. Get it? Whether they are botching their sales or choosing inappropriate boxes with which to ship their products, sometimes — and this is hard for me to admit — Target doesn’t get it right. But that is OK. I forgive you, Target.

This is me in Target.

And it’s probably you too! Target is amazing. Except for the few times when it totally fails and messes up horribly. These are those times.

Three arms

The ideal American family has a tall dad with three arms, so he can be touching his wife and his two children at the same time.

Missing soap

Who steals dish soap? Did someone come with a Tupperware in order to steal some Dawn for their emergency dish situation?

No sale

To be fair, this tag doesn’t claim to be a sale price. Maybe there’s some sort of detergent shortage that’s causing these price hikes.

Chicken dinner

Oh no. Jessica Simpson just learned the difference between chicken and fish, and now you go and do this? The next one is a real failure of technology.

Stuck on track

Have you ever been in a Target with one of these tracks that transport your cart upstairs while you ride the escalator? Every time I have to use it, I say goodbye to like I’m sending my cart on the Titanic. Apparently, it is quite dangerous!


I cannot stress this enough: Please do not use Raid on your skin. It’s barely safe enough to use in your house.


They’re really banking on you seeing that clearance sticker and not reading any of the fine print. Nice try, Target.

Single Figure Ass

This is how the superhero action figures this person was purchasing showed up on the receipt. I suppose it probably means “assorted,” but they should just spring for the extra letters.

Welcome to…

Do you think someone broke the “o” off intentionally? We’re just getting started…

Happy Eastea!

Ah yes, the dollar section of Target. It is a beautiful garden of seasonal, misspelled signs and broken toys.

Early readers

Wow, they’re just really having kids jump into the hard stuff these days, eh? Although have you read Fifty Shades of Grey? It’s pretty much written at a second-grade level.

Blanket protection

You don’t want your soft, flexible blanket tossing and turning in the box while it’s on its way to you! Thank goodness it was reinforced with so much bubble wrap.

Expired cream

Ew! This cream was over three months expired when she bought it. That’s gross! Get it off your shelves, Target!

Nicer language

What are the forbidden words in this message? Star Wars? Husband? Oh no, is it Christmas? The next one is so sad I can’t even…


This frozen dish from Target is supposed to be risotto. Unfortunately, it more closely resembles snot.


If this Target product is not sold in any store or online, does it even count as a Target product?

0% off

At least they’re being upfront about how you are not saving money if you buy this serum. Sorry.

Squash bad vibes

OK, I looked it up, and it’s complicated but it does look like eggplants are related to squash. But they’re not usually what I first think of when I think of squash.

Bad envelope

Oh no, this is just one of those new types of envelopes that give you a preview of the card inside. The birthday sign is my favorite. Just wait.

Wrong limbs

When you first look at this mannequin, you’re like, “Hmm, something seems off, but I can’t put my—OH MY GOD it has a hand foot!”

Ggam Day

Sure, some people make chicken wings, crack open a beer, and watch the game, but that’s not as fun as watching the ggam.

Very secure

This person bought an Echo Dot online, and it was shipped to them with the security tag still on it. Not a great look!

Butt gap

Target photoshopped the crap out of this model’s backside to the point where she doesn’t even look human anymore. Bodies don’t work like that.

Hap Birthay

So many letters were missing from this sign, and it was brand new! It’s so sad without the rest of the message. If you’re a cupcake fan, the next one will devastate you.

Just the icing

They forgot one cupcake in this pack of four, but they remembered the icing! Either that or some weirdo went in there and stole the cupcake but left the good stuff.

Unicorn cookies

It has all the elements of a unicorn head, but if you look at it closely, you’ll realize none of the elements are in the right place.

This package of meat

Wow, what a devastating blow to vegetarians to learn that bags of lettuce are actually full of meat.

Women’s dress

Honestly, I am done with these unrealistic beauty standards that society imposes on women. I simply will never look like a bottle of Febreze, and I’m OK with that.

Shipping problem

Maybe pick a box that the thing fits inside of! Just a suggestion! Share this with someone who loves Target despite its mistakes.