These 21 Totally Tasteless License Plates Never Got Caught By The DMV | 22 Words

It takes a certain type of person to be drawn to vanity license plates. And a certain subset of THAT group opts to go dirty with their choice. Sometimes the DMV gets wise to them and denies the request. Sometimes...they miss it. Check out the ones they missed.

Points for creativity!

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Nice use of the Bengals logo.

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Gee, I wonder why she split.

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Not doing Hummer owner stereotypes any favors, bud.

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The ole' "5 instead of an S" trick.

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Thanks for the suggestion?

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What about it?

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This might be a red flag for law enforcement.

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Behold, the world's dumbest portmanteau.

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Why is it on the car someone's great uncle would drive?

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I guess one letter threw off the DMV.

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A progressive sentiment shared in a very dumb way.

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You should have run this one by an extra set of eyes.

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Always? That's a substantial amount of your day!

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Any chance this ISN'T a 17-year-old with acne?

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Uh, I'll just call you by your first name.

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Proof that money and taste can be mutually exclusive.

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What a weird thing to be lord of.