Draw a Bath and Laugh at These Hilarious Tweets About Self-Care

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In this insane climate (political, social, and the actual climate), self-care is more important than ever. It’s easy to be angry and fired up, and if we don’t take time for ourselves, we will self-destruct. So yes, self-care is important. It is important to take time for yourself to relax. And lately, it seems as if self-care has morphed from a necessary part of life, and into a full-blown industry.

From bath bombs to essential oils to spa days, people have become obsessed with collecting self-care experiences without stopping to think about what they are doing for them. Self-care has become commodified to a point where it has lost all meaning. It is time to reclaim the concept of self-care, and the first step to doing that is to laugh at these hilarious jokes about it.

Self-care is all about treating yourself.

And taking care of yourself! But the message seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle. So here are some hilarious tweets to bring us back!

It’s OK

It’s all OK because it’s self-care. Move to a foreign country. Change your name, cut your hair or rob a bank. Just kidding, please don’t rob a bank.

Talk like you’re a dog

I love this. I’m adopting this. Immediately.

Face mask

No matter your problem, a face mask is the answer. Depression? Face mask. Anxiety? Face mask. A gaping leg wound? Face mask.

To-do lists

Um, I do this almost every single day. It’s such a simple thing, but it’s surprisingly effective.

Netflix categories

Oh yeah, I definitely need this category. But also, they should make GBBO episodes on a neverending basis so I always have a new one to watch.


Negativity has got to go. As Full House’s Joey Gladstone would say, “Cut it out!”

Buying expensive things

Buying expensive things can seem like self-care at first, but then you look at your bank account. If you can swing it sometimes, though, retail therapy can do its job.

Self-care tips

In that order. I love this so much.

Chamomile tea

Hey, that hot hay water happens to be delicious and calming.

One piece of fruit

Hey, that’s impressive! Everyone knows that one piece of fruit holds enough power to sustain your self-care illusion for weeks.

Coconut oil

Have you been on the Internet lately? For a while, it was all about coconut oil. And then someone was like, “Coconut oil isn’t as healthy as you think.” And then most people were like, “Screw you. Coconut oil saved my life.”

[Ignores responsibilities]

Contrary to popular belief, self-care isn’t about curling up into the fetal position for days at a time. I mean, it can be, but only when that’s what you really need.

Anything I do

Emotional labor and self-care are two concepts whose definitions may have gotten a tad warped as we learn more about them.

More difficult tasks

This is so true. It’s not only about indulging your basest desires. Self-care is also about doing the chores you don’t necessarily want to, like praying to Satan for him to give you the strength to do laundry.

Same song

Sometimes, this is so true. Or at least the same album. That’s still a lot of plays.


Sometimes you need to tell people exactly how you feel about them right now, and you need to do it while expelling the least amount of energy possible. That is where the perfect “k” comes in.

Undeserved breaks

“Oh gosh, I worked for five whole uninterrupted minutes! I deserve an episode of Gilmore Girls and a bowl of ice cream.” -me to myself, almost every single day


One of the easiest forms of self-care is to drink some water! I mean, gosh, why is staying hydrated so hard? (It is, though.)

Delicate balance

I mean, these are the only two modes of being. Right?

Spending money

I have to make an accessible list of forms of self-care that are free because I have this problem too!

So important

It’s one thing to talk the talk when it comes to the importance of self-care. It’s another thing to walk the walk and not actually go in completely the opposite direction.

Exceeded budget

Speaking of spending too much money on self-care. But seriously, that app has no idea what your week has been like.

How to stop

Like, what is the appropriate ratio of self-care to responsibilities? I feel like it’s to do one task you don’t want to do, treat yo’self for a month. No?

What he’s saying is…

There are so many good suggestions on this list. Especially the last one.


These are the two big ones! You’d be surprised at how much not worrying about stuff eliminates the need to exfoliate, though. Being chill does wonderful things for your skin.

Move to a bunker

There is a point where self-care becomes mental illness, and I think it is right around “post 500 times a day.”

Talking vs. thinking

Taking care of yourself means actually taking care of yourself. Not talking about taking care of yourself and secretly beating yourself up. Important distinction.

Taking your own advice

Speaking of talking the talk, take your own advice! Do it! Try being as good to yourself as you would be to your best friend.


When you find something that works for you, you transform into this gorgeous, happy corgi. Share this with someone who needs a dose of self-care humor!