These ‘Unspirational’ Quotes Are Exactly What You’re Looking for on Those Days You’re Not Feeling #Blessed

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Life isn’t always all sunshine and roses. On tough days, it can be annoying to scroll through your Instagram feed and be bombarded with positive messages from everyone. Luckily, someone made an Instagram account to break up all of that annoying positivity with something hilarious (and a bit more realistic).

They usually feature text superimposed on a beautiful scene of nature. There are some days when reading these words can make you feel like you can accomplish anything life throws at you.

Admit it. Sometimes you see one of those motivational quotes in your Instagram feed and you can’t help but roll your eyes. There’s only so much inspiration one person can take!

Unspirational features quotes and pictures for those days that you’re just not feeling inspired. Maybe you skipped a workout (or three). Maybe you slept in until noon. Maybe you realized that, in the grand scheme of things, nothing you do really matters. On days like that, Unspirational delivers exactly what you need.

And every second that you spend contemplating that depressing fact is another second that you’ve lost. Sorry…are we not helping?

You literally can’t give 110 percent of something. People who say they can are just setting themselves up for failure. And when they fail, they can scroll through this Instagram feed to make themselves feel better (or worse).

As if you needed anyone to confirm that for you. Spending the day fantasizing about going back to bed is totally normal. It’s only when you start fantasizing about going to bed tomorrow night that you have a problem.

Sometimes life is wonderful and magical and exhilarating. And sometimes it’s just stupid and hard.

Anyone who claims there’s no correlation between money and happiness has clearly never been rich. You know what money can buy? A puppy. And puppies make everybody happy.

We don’t need a whole paragraph about your latest workout, people. Slap a #blessed on there and move on.

You’ve done enough for the day, right? What’s that? You just woke up? Eh, that’s fine. See you tomorrow.

We’re pretty sure this is what heaven is like. Lots of sleeping and lots of puppies. But if you can recreate heaven on earth…we say go for it.

But don’t start feeling good about yourself just yet. Check the date on this one.