These Valais Blacknose Sheep Look Like Stuffed Animals Even Though They’re Real

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Goats are all the rage these days. You’ve probably seen your local gym and/or farm offering goat yoga. You’ve seen the videos of baby goats in pajamas. (If you haven’t, why not?). And no respectable cheese plate worth its weight in Instagram likes is complete without a little pat of goat cheese nestled between apricot jam and Marcona almonds.

Well, it’s time for goats to step aside because a new cutest barnyard animal is coming to take the cutest barnyard crown from right off their horned little heads, maybe even mid-downward dog.

It’s sheep.

Lambs are definitely cute, but once they grow up, most people don’t think much about the wooly animals that lumber around fields. In fact, you may go so far to say that sheep are kind of…well, creepy. They lack the charisma of goats but still have the weird slit eye thing that makes them look a little bit like zombies. And their low baa bellowing across a field can sound downright eerie.


When you think of sheep, you probably think of something like this.

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White, wooly, slightly judgy for some reason.

Sheep can be cute, look at this guy.

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But let’s be honest here, they aren’t exactly the animal that springs to mind when you think “adorable farm creature”.

If you were at a petting zoo and you could pet a sheep or a llama, you would probably pick the llama, right?

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Nothing against sheep, but maybe they just don’t have as good PR as some of the other farm animals.

What about Highland cattle?

These guys look like they’re about to start the cutest emo band you’ve ever seen?

And have you ever seen a baby donkey?

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They are shockingly cute.

And of course, there’s a reason goats are so in right now.

They are also adorable.

And you really can’t get cuter than ducklings.

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Maybe every farm animal is the cutest?!

So back to the sheep. Calling someone a “sheep” doesn’t have a great connotation.

When people say that, they are implying sheep are just boring followers who can’t think for themselves.

I’m a fan of Sheep…

But normally, sheep don’t get a ton of love.

Yet finally, sheep are having their moment on the internet.

Thanks to the internet’s obsession with a breed of sheep so cute, it looks like a stuffed animal.

Can you call a sheep like this breath-taking?

These sheep are actually breath-taking.

Or maybe you’d call them more of a muppet character?

Whatever you call them, they definitely do not look real.

Meet the Valais Blacknose Sheep.

Yes, these are actual real sheep, not giant sheep someone crocheted and put under a tree.

The cutest sheep in the whole wide world.

With their fuzzy heads and sweet little black faces, these sheep are seriously precious.

Sound on for this one!!!

You have to hear their little bells.

The Valais Blacknose Sheep were originally bred in Switzerland.

They were bred in a Valais region (hence the name) and have been around since 1400.

However, it wasn’t until recently that any Valais Blacknose Sheep were introduced outside of Switzerland.

For hundreds of years, the Valais Blacknose Sheep just pranced around the mountains of Switzerland, looking absolutely adorable.

The sheep are bred for both meat and wool.

And can withstand very cold temperatures.

Since their wool is so thick, it’s not usually used for clothing.

It’s mostly used for blankets, rugs, and mattress filling.

It gets pretty cold in the Swiss Alps, so in the winter they need their thick wooly coats to stay warm.

And also to look extremely cute. So the sheep are sheared in the spring.

Did you see their cute little black knee spots?

And their little curls! Are you melting yet?

In Switzerland, Valais Blacknose sheep are sent up to the mountains to graze in the summer.

Then they are herded back down to farms in the fall. Hikers in the mountains may come across Swiss sheep like Valais Balcknose as they trek.

Not only are the sheep cute, they are also friendlier than your average sheep.

In recent years, people in Switzerland have started keeping them as pets instead of farm animals.

So if you are looking at these photos screaming “I want one as a pet!”, you could actually have a pet Valais Blacknose.

But they might be hard to find.

While the sheep are very popular in Switzerland, they are hard to find in other countries.

They were first imported to the UK in 2014.

And the Valais weren’t introduced to America until 2018.

So don’t get too excited about your new pet sheep just yet.

Valais is one of the most beautiful regions in Switzerland.

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It’s where the Matterhorn is located.

Walking around the Alps with these guys all around you seems like an absolute dream.

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Is anyone else already about to Google “how much is a plane ticket to Switzerland”?

Valais Blacknose sheep are definitely the cutest sheep in the world.

But are they the cutest farm animal in the world?

And they’re definitely having a moment.

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They deserve it because they are absolutely perfect!