Sometimes, the world makes no sense. These pictures are thirty of those times.

These pictures are so weird, warped, and wonky that it might take you a second or two or twelve to even see what the heck is going on.

And when you finally figure it out, you'll be just as uncomfortable as you've ever been. So brace yourself. Maybe cover yourself in a nice blanket like a little burrito, and get ready for these creepy pictures to be burned in your brain for eternity.

What's Happening?

Literally no idea what's happening in this photo, but I can't look away!

Tree Box Fail

I don't know if it was the tree people or the box people, but one team missed. By a lot.

Pretty Handy

This is terrifying and I hate it, but it also looks like a really effective way to hold a fork. That thing isn't going anywhere.

Car? Car.

This makes me so mad. Love is supposed to be what makes a Subaru, not rage.

Dancing Cats

Of course cats creepily dance to accordian music. Ugh, they're the worst.

Wet 'n' Wild

"Are you my mother? You sure? You like, really look like her."

Fire Hazard

In case of fire, find a saw, saw through the metal bars, then figure out the magical way to open this box that doesn't have a handle. By then, it won't matter. You'll be dead.

Muddy Dogs

There's something off about these dogs. I can't tell what it is, but I was inspired to name them. From left to right, meet Boots, Bootsie, Booty Boot Boot, Mr. Boot Man, and Kevin.

Fish Drawer

This one, I don't understand what's weird. Who doesn't have a live fish drawer in their refrigerator?

Dirty Chai Latté

"You ordered a dirty chai, right?" "Yes but—" "Shhhhh."


OK, I have three very rational questions about this: WHAT? HOW? WHATTTTT?

Pepperoni Wheel

This makes perfect sense to me. How else do you get to Pizza Town?


"Hun? Do you hear water like, sloshing really rapidly into the house?" "No hun, no idea what that would be. Just watching my program."

Running Shoes

For when your shins need shoes but your feet feel free. A.k.a. these are useless.

Kraut Man

Fermented the Kraut Man, was a sour, smelly soul, with a corncob pipe and a hot dog nose  and two eyes made out of — I can't, this is gross.


This is one way to try and copy Grandma's recipe... One messy way.


Take that, Charmin Bear! PSA: Do not mistake this for a scarf.

Super Fresh

You could try to find the source of that rank smell, or you can add an air freshener every time you gag. It's up to you.

Where Them Stairs?

This is a real-life optical illusion! It's also great for my daily step count.

Cheese Sandwich

Now this is a sandwich. Actually, maybe there's a little too much bread.

Tight Squeeze

"Sir. Sir. Hello, sir? It's not... Stop trying. IKEA will deliver."

Noodle Mask

Remember the spaghetti monster from True Detective? He got a new job.

Pasta Fire

How did this fire start and how is it going to stop? Just trying to ask the important questions here.

Cyclops Lenses

This picture really makes no sense because even cyclopes have regularly round heads! And yes, I googled the plural of "cyclops."

Can I Help You?

This is either the tallest dog in the world or the floatiest dog in the world. Either way, I want to meet him.

White On White

No, this girl doesn't have a giant head that she's hiding under that woman's shirt. But she does have a weirdly large head.

Chair Stack

This is so ironic... There are a lot of chairs but hardly any sitting space.

Pizza Lock

This is tragic. What happened to the other wheel?

Chocolate Phone

Everything can only be improved by the addition of chocolate. It's a scientific fact.

I See You

Aside from the slight sharpness from the glass, this bread was delicious.