These Whole Foods Items Will Be Up to 43% Cheaper Now That Amazon Is in Charge

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Whole Foods is a place where you can buy a $93.00 truffle. It’s also a place that sells asparagus water, which is exactly what you think it is.

So, suffice it to say, Whole Foods is not really the everyman’s grocery store.

But all of that changes today.

The deal finally closed today, which meant that prices on several food items have dropped dramatically. We know what you’re thinking. You may be assuming that the “deals” are actually no big whoop and you’re still going to end up paying through the nose for basic food items like a pre-peeled orange. Well, you might be surprised! Here are the specific Whole Foods items you can save money on today. (Note: the prices listed in this article apply specifically to a store in Brooklyn, but you can expect very similar pricing across all Whole Foods stores.)

Old Price: $0.79/pound New Price: $0.49/pound Time to make some banana splits! And banana bread! And banana smoothies! At under 50 cents a pound, we should just go ahead and start putting bananas in everything.

Old Price: $10.99/pound New Price: $6.99/pound That price is for the local grass-fed beef. If you switch to regular ol’ lean ground beef, you’ll spend only $4.99/pound. We do not recommend just putting a couple basil leaves in the meat and serving it raw, however.

Old Price: $2.50 each New Price: $1.49 each This is a pretty good deal and all, but who the heck was spending $2.50 per avocado?! We thought that guy who said millennials can’t afford houses due to their avocado toast habit was whack, but if people were spending FIVE DOLLARS ON TWO AVOCADOS, his whole thesis starts to make a little more sense. Anyway, now you can buy avocados and a house, because they’re way cheaper.

Old Price: $4.29/dozen New Price: $3.99/dozen You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, but you can make one without breaking the bank. Now is the time to master that soufflĂ© recipe you’ve had your eye on all these years.

Old Price: $14.99/pound New Price: $9.99/pound This new price only applies to fresh salmon fillets; frozen ones remain at the same price of $10.49/pound. Here’s a recipe to make frozen salmon fillets for the price of a fresh salmon fillet:

  • Buy fresh salmon fillet.
  • Place in freezer.

  • Old Price: $3.99 New Price: $3.49 Sure, it costs less money, but it’s still kale. That extra $0.50 you’re saving isn’t gonna make it taste any better.

    Old Price: $3.99 New Price: $3.49 Thank goodness. They included leafy greens for people who hate kale in this deal.

    Old Price: $7.99 New Price: $6.99 (Note: this price applies to 365 brand almond butter only.) Thanks to Whole Foods, your sandwiches just got a lot classier.

    Old Price: $3.49/pound New Price: $1.99/pound Organic Gala apples are also only $1.99/pound (down from $2.99). Remember when we said bananas should start going in everything? Let’s do it with apples, too.

    Old Price: $5.29/pound New Price: $4.49/pound (Again, this price applies to Organic 365 brand butter.) Whole Foods sure is buttering us up with these excellent deals.

    Thanks to Whole Foods’ new Amazonian owners, being on a budget doesn’t exclude you from buying fancy foods. Although these new prices roll out today, Amazon stated in its press release that there are more sweet deals to come.

    What do you think? Have the prices dropped low enough to get you in the door? Or are you holding out for even better deals? Also, can we get an update on when Amazon will just deliver your groceries by drone?