These Women Are Suffering From a Bad Case of ‘Pregnancy Brain’

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There is pretty much an endless list of side effects to being pregnant. Everyone knows about the intense cravings, the food aversions, and the swollen ankles. But did you know that pregnancy brain is also a thing? It afflicts pregnant people at any and all stages of pregnancy. Parents-to-be often find themselves forgetting simple things, having unexplainable brain farts, and experiencing lapses in memory. Sometimes it is called “momnesia.”

And while pregnancy brain is real, it is also…not real. While there is no science to suggests that people’s brains actually change while they are pregnant, memory lapses and brain farts can and do easily happen when you are stressed, fatigued, or extra busy. And while you are pregnant, you are probably all of those things all of the time. These tweets from people who are experiencing pregnancy brain are hilarious and also way too real. Even if you haven’t experienced pregnancy brain, you will relate to these if you’ve ever been overtired and stressed out.

Being pregnant is no picnic.

I mean, you are growing another person inside of you, after all. That takes a toll on someone’s body.

Left the kid

This is really precious. And terrifying. I’m glad she had someone else with her to bring her back down to Earth.

Wrong house

No joke, once I went over to a boss’s house for a work event and he gave everyone the wrong address. And he wasn’t pregnant, so…


For some reason, when you’re having a brain fart, it’s very common to put things in the fridge that shouldn’t be there or check the fridge for things that wouldn’t ever be there.

Caculator alarm

Well, if you are doing this, maybe you shouldn’t set an alarm at all and just let yourself sleep.

Drive off

This is…so sad. Can you imagine getting yourself out of the house long enough to go pick up food and then driving away without it? Tears in my eyes.


What? How? It’s not even the same motion to apply deodorant as it is to apply toothpaste! Gross!

Need to pee

This is so scary. I already have to go to the bathroom pretty much always! I can’t imagine what it will be like when I’m pregnant.

Night shift

I wonder how far she got. Was it like a “stand up and look at the clock” thing or like a “showered and got dressed and opened the door to leave only to see that it’s dark out” thing?


Sometimes I forget what I’ve done in the shower and condition my hair twice or something, but this is next level.

Glass in the refrigerator

One time I put a bag on tortilla chips in the fridge after snacking and it was a mistake, but it turns out cold tortilla chips are kind of great.

Dirty dishes

Hey… There’s a sink in the bathroom too? So you could technically wash dishes in the bathroom. Not ideal though.

Taco French toast

This would definitely not be delicious. Or even edible. Ugh. I’m gagging just thinking about it.

Automatic sink

Yeah, most of us don’t have automatic sinks in our own homes. That would be pretty sweet, though.

Upside-down shoe

When you are pregnant your view becomes, well, obstructed, so you should get all the help you need searching for your own belongings.

Appointment mix-up

I feel like I don’t do this solely because I obsessively think about every single appointment I make and when it is starting the second I make it.


This would make me so mad because I hate doing laundry and this would mean I’d have to do it twice. Also, I’ve definitely done the phone thing.

Microwaved air

Oh yes, but have you have had microwaved air? So much warmer and more delicious than regular air.

Grocery store

This sounds like an exceptionally successful grocery shopping trip to me. Anytime you end up with Girl Scout cookies, you should be very proud.

Dentist’s office

I try not to remember where my dentist’s office is because I don’t want to remember that kind of trauma.

Recycled phone

The idea that you could be so tired that you lose very expensive and important personal items is enough to scare the pants off of me.

Lesbian cake

I wonder what the person on the phone said when this happened. “Um, we don’t have those for sale here.”

Wedding ring

I imagine when you’re pregnant your hands swell up pretty badly. Maybe don’t even worry about the wedding ring until the baby’s here.

Fake Friday

This happens to me all the time now, and I’m not even pregnant. Woof, this has got to be even worse when you’re pregnant.

White broccoli

To be fair, there is such a thing as green cauliflower, and that’s not broccoli, so vegetables are confusing.

Cooking spray

Again with the fridge! The fridge is like the black hole of the house when you have pregnancy brain. It eats up everything.


Look on the bright side. Maybe they didn’t hear the end of the message. Or maybe they’re religious!

Dog birthday

I don’t know my dog’s birthday at all. And we made it up! We made it up and we can’t remember it.

Not your car

But more importantly, did someone leave their car unlocked?! It’s scary to think you could be so pregnant that you’d unknowingly steal a car.

Forgotten idea

Ugh, this is the worst. Share this with someone who knows the pain!