19 Things Any Person Who Can’t Live Without LaCroix Knows to Be True

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We are gathered here today to talk about the sparkling elixir that has been given to us lowly humans here on Earth. The nectar of the gods. The drinkable magic goodness that fills our lives with wonder and our mouths with delight.

That’s right. I’m talking about LaCroix.

Some people don’t get it. This list is not for those people. If you’re into LaCroix (and I mean, like, really into it), then you’ll understand. Here are 19 things every LaCroix lover knows to be true.

It makes your whole life feel fancy.

If a bunch of people in the Midwest can make carbonated water and call it something French and fancy, then you can call yourself Jeaux. Or Genevivienne Antoinetta Beauregarduchamp. There are no rules. Only LaCroix.

If you find a job that offers free LaCroix as a perk, you take that job and you never leave it.

Forget health insurance or a 401k. When they ask you at your interview where you see yourself in five years, say “bathing in free LaCroix.”

LaCroix is the most important part of every meal.

And if you could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you absolutely would. (Who am I kidding? You already do.)

You have very firm opinions about how to pronounce it.

I’m with Seth on this one. (Even though the company itself disagrees.) And if you should *gasp* accidentally spill some LaCroix, have no fear…

…Because, after all, it’s just carbonated water.

No wonder you feel so amazing and clean every time its bubbly essence passes your lips. You are clean.

True love means finding someone else who enjoys LaCroix just as much as you do.

Alternatively, it could be finding someone who despises LaCroix. All the more for you!

Nothing can keep you away from your beloved bubbly beverage.

(For any casuals who have found themselves reading this list, “Pamp” obviously refers to “Pamplemousse” which is French for “grapefruit” and also one of the best flavors of LaCroix.)

Coconut, on the other hand…

It’s best if we just forget that stuff even exists. Or maybe we should rejoice in its existence. For how can we truly appreciate the perfection that is Tangerine without the stark contrast that Coconut provides?

Anyway, even Coconut LaCroix is better than any non-LaCroix sparkling waters.

Perrier? More like PerriNAY. Dasani? More like NAHsani. San Pellegrino? San PellegriNO WAY! There’s only one thing that’s better than a box of LaCroix…

And that is MANY boxes of LaCroix.

This is a picture of what my dream house would look like filled with my dream furniture. (It’s all LaCroix, get it?)

When you’re feeling extra fancy, you go for a C├║rate.

They have such fun flavor combos! Plus, the cans are tiny and adorable!

There’s nothing LaCroix doesn’t pair well with.

If you’re trying to be healthy, it’s right there with you without any sodium, sugar, or calories to bring down your healthy high.

If you’re trying to be *less* healthy…

…LaCroix still has your back. It adds the perfect amount of sparkle to your favorite cocktail.

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing all your friends together like this:

via Reddit

Into every life some rain must fall. But rest assured that you can always look for a rainbow. Or a LaCroix rainbow, which is better because you can drink it. Oh yeah, and speaking of LaCroix…

This is what every fridge should look like:

Whoever decided to start putting shelves in refrigerators really had amazing forethought. They’re the perfect place to store your favorite beverage!

OMG have you tried NiCola yet?!

It’s perfect for days that you think for a second that you may want soda. But then you realize that all you’ve wanted all along was LaCroix.

Because why would you drink regular water…

Plain, boring, flat regular water…

…When you can drink something that makes you feel like you’re full of magic and glitter?

LaCroix is always the answer. Always.

Even though if we’re being totally honest:

It doesn’t really taste like anything. Share this with your favorite LaCroix lover!