UK Woman Goes Viral for Listing Things No One Understands About America | 22 Words

The differences between life in the USA and the UK are pretty well documented - but one woman's TikTok video on the things "no one understands" about America has sparked a new discussion this week ...

Now, the UK and the US have a lot in common.

We both speak English, we both fought in the Revolutionary War (on different sides, though), and we both have royalty. (They have the Queen, we have Beyoncé).

But for all our similarities and our famous allyship, the truth is ever since we split in 1783, our countries have made a lot of changes.

And we really aren't as similar as you might think.

There are many things the USA finds confusing about the UK.

... Lots of stuff, in fact.

And of course, it's not just people from the US who are surprised.

The UK finds the USA confusing, too.

People who aren't from the US are also often surprised by the things they encounter when they come here for the first time.

And one TikToker has gone viral this week with her list of questions ...

She'd spent 4 months working in the USA.

And her observations were pretty shocking!

It's safe to say, reactions to her video were strong...


She starts off the clip by explaining how she worked in the States for 4 months.


Here are all her observations...

First up we have the kettle question ...




What about privacy?


A different school experience!


Telling time ...


Actually, we agree with this one.


Watch the full video here ...


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Do you agree with her?