Now, everyone has bad habits but it seems as if "rich people" have an extra few that seem to really annoy non-rich people, so they've taken to the internet to share them.

People have been sharing with BuzzFeed the things and habits that rich people do that are annoying and it ranges from being pompous to giving advice.

1. When rich people are "pompous and talk down to people."

"Like, they feel that people who are below them in economic status are less intelligent," they said.

2. Rich people providing unrealistic advice.

Someone explains that they hate what rich people "give the advice of, 'only live off a third of your income, and you can be rich too.' Honey, I have the bare minimum of essentials, and my paycheck is still not enough."

3. A lack of understanding in regards to money.

One person expressed that they hate when a rich person says: "You shouldn't say no to things because of money," when in reality when have to say no they "have no money" and "cannot afford it."


4. Always assuming "that someone else is going to pay their way."

One person explained to BuzzFeed that they "had a rich friend who would invite me out and intentionally not bring her wallet. When I confronted her with this after the second time, she was genuinely confused. She assumed that I'd just pay for her."

5. How rich people encourage others to buy in bulk as "it's cheaper."

But that's something that just isn't possible "when you only have $2 to your name until your next paycheck."

6. Many people then mentioned that they get annoyed by rich people failing to understand the value of money.

"When a rich customer said, 'You look miserable. Why didn't you just stay home? Or go to the doctor?' I said, 'Because I can't afford to take the day off work for a cold. And if I do take the day off, I will need a doctor's note, which means I'll have to pay a $50 co-pay plus possible extra office fees just for the doctor to tell me I have a cold and should rest and drink plenty of fluids," one person wrote.

"I grew up poor; my husband didn't. He takes things for granted. He doesn't eat leftovers. He's never been on public transportation, ever! When toothpaste is a quarter full, he tosses it," said another. "He tosses coins because he doesn't like change. He was shocked that I didn't take four vacations a year. I've gotten used to it by now."

7. Rich people who "behave badly and get away with it because of their wealth" and who tell us that "being poor is a choice."

Someone explained that they get annoyed when a rich person says: "Being poor is a choice" and enjoy the pay-your-way "justice system."

8. Rich people who behave badly and get away with it because of their wealth.

They either throw money at the situation, or they know someone with influence who can make it all disappear."

Do you have any annoying habits to add?