You may think life hacks are too hacky. Many of them are overcomplicated ways to achieve simple tasks that aren't hard, to begin with. But some life hacks are worth it. They will shave time off of your busy life and make chores easier and more pleasant to deal with. Some hacks are ridiculous space savers or simple solutions to nagging problems that you have been reluctantly dealing with for years and years.

The hacks in this list are not silly suggestions. They are useful habits to adopt in your everyday life and to live by moving forward. Chances are you have most of these products in your home already. These are new and novel ways to use the items we use every single day. Sometimes you need someone to give you a suggestion for a better way to do the thing you are already doing. These are those suggestions!

The more you hack...

The more you live! With these simple hacks, your life will become so much easier, that you will gain hours of time.

Dress your Christmas tree for Halloween.

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Apparently, this is a tradition in Japan. They decorate their Christmas trees for Halloween!

Use pillowcases to store sheet sets.

This is a brilliant idea and a much better one than I had. If you look in my linen closet right now, you'll see sheets bundled up and shoved in all sorts of places.

Use a magnetic strip to store bobby pins.

Oh my gosh, this is a handy-dandy idea. If you stick a magnet strip on the inside of your drawer, and you'll never have to go fishing for bobby pins ever again.

Custom scraper

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Cut a milk carton into this perfect shape to easily scrape clean your frying pans. It's perfect!

Use hanger clips for chip bags.

These snap off pretty easily, and they work even better than the chip clips you spend money on. No joke.

Use paracord for broken zippers.

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A broken zipper doesn't have to mean the end of the bag! Use paracord or a paper clip or whatever to hook into the broken zipper, and you're good to go.

Make your own large mirror.

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Maybe you want a big mirror in your room, but all the ones you can find are super expensive. Use a few cheap tall mirrors to create the effect of a large mirror instantly!

Elevate bowls to cook more at once in your microwave.

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This is a genius hack. You don't have to heat up your leftovers one bowl at a time like a heathen. Use the height available in your microwave!

Alternate spoons in your silverware drawer.

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This is an easy way to keep your big spoons and little spoons organized. Why haven't I thought of this idea before?

Heat up butter with a hot glass.

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This works every time, and it's a small price to pay for spreadable butter. We all know that cold butter is one of life's greatest disappointments.

Make a toothbrush holder out of a paper cup when in a hotel.

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What are you going to do, lay your toothbrush straight onto the hotel bathroom counter? I think not! Use a paper cup from the coffee station, poke a hole, and voilà!

Place food around the plate's perimeter to heat evenly.

Have you ever heated up a bowl of leftovers in the microwave only to realize the middle is super cold while the edges are scorching? Arrange your food around the perimeter of your plate to get an even heat job.

Place a cutting board on an open drawer for more counter space.

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As someone with very little kitchen counter space, this is a miracle idea! I am actually going to use this idea tonight.

Use Lego people to hold your cords.

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Not only are these little guys effective, but they are way cuter than other types of cable cords.

Use Command hooks for pot covers.

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This is a brilliant idea. I don't know what your kitchen cabinets look like, but mine involves a total mess of pot covers. They're all over the place.

Your door is a built-in bottle opener.

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This is good to know! There's no more helpless feeling than being stuck with a bottle and no way to open it.

Create a large plastic bag by turning one inside out.

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The two bags will attach if you turn one inside out. Then you can protect a keyboard or a whole turkey or whatever!

Use a CD spindle as a bagel holder.

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Bagels fit perfectly into CD  spindles! Who would've thought?!

Clip the hotel blinds closed with a hanger.

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There is always a sliver of light that peeks out between the black curtains in a hotel room. Use a hanger to clip the two sides closed for better sleep.

Put an egg in water to gauge its freshness.

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Commit this illustration to memory! I use this information all the time. And as a note of interest, the older the egg– as long as it's not rotten –the better it is for hard-boiling.

Use binder clips to organize your frozen goods.

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Look at how organized this freezer is! It's perfect. It's like the freezer of the most organized perfectionist on the planet.

Use a pool noodle to protect your legs from your bed frame.

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I went on vacation for two weeks and stayed in a room where I knocked my shin on the bed frame almost every night. This pool noodle hack would have helped immensely.

When moving, simply bag up your clothes on their hangers.

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This takes up just as much space as removing all your clothes and folding them up, and it's way less work.

Use old tissue boxes to store plastic bags.

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Do you also have a whole cabinet stuffed to the brim with plastic bags? Here is your solution.

Make Vick's ice cubes for your shower.

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Oh man, I can practically feel these unclogging my sinuses as I type. Just make sure to label these in your freezer, so no one puts them in their water!

Use zip ties to organize your cables.

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Um, this might be the best thing I have ever seen. Any perfectionist would love this.

Use frozen grapes to chill your white wine.

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An oldie but a goodie! Plus, at the end of your glass, you're left with a boozy, delicious treat!

Lay old newspapers in the bottom of your trash to soap up garbage juice.

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Ah, garbage juice! The bane of our existence. There seems to be no easy way to avoid it. But this is a simple and perfect solution.

Take someone to Starbucks if they forget their name.

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Just make sure they aren't the type to use a fake name at Starbucks for the fun of it. Share this with someone who could use a few new hacks!