A Whole List of Things That Will Make You Smile | 22 Words

Let's be honest with each other: the world right now is not giving us an abundance of smiles. We're in the middle of a crisis. People are panic-hoarding toilet paper. Politics makes everyone angry. Many of us are stuck indoors, our routines disrupted (and pesky kids annoying us).

So we had a thought: what if we made people smile? Nothing more, nothing less. Just a whole array of things that are wholesome and kind. There's not enough of that going around these days. If you're looking for space to simply be happy, this is the article for you.

Whether we're talking about adorable animals, messages of self-love, or simply sweet stories, you'll find nothing but good vibes here. So let's take a minute (or two) to just feel good: I think we all deserve it, don't we? There's no need to think about anything stressful until you're done smiling at these sweet things.

Sometimes smiling is all about perspective.

I really hope both you and Humpty Dumpty have great falls this year. You deserve it!

Speaking of perspective...

Maybe that shark that looks like he's trying to eat you is actually your bud. You never know.

And if we're talking about animal buds...

Is there anything more wholesome than a dad and his dog? I think not.

Wait, I lied there is one thing more wholesome than dads and dogs.

That thing is Steve Irwin, the man we never deserved. I bet he's in heaven petting stingrays as we speak.

Sharing is caring.

Generosity is about sharing what you have, not about having a lot. Especially if what you have is a cookie.

Grandma has an abundance of love...

But that absolutely does not mean she doesn't have a favorite. And the favorite is me.

Boys and their grandpas: name a more iconic pair.

via: Reddit

Go ahead. I'll wait. That's right, you can't.

Now that's what I call a BFF.

How sweet is it that you can be an electrician and your best friend can be an organic farmer and you can still catch up and bro down?

The sentiment's there, at least.

Counterpoint: we should let our friends feel what they're feeling, and be there to support them.

Celebrate the little victories.

I don't know if there's an official name for this, but I call it "Light at the End of the Tunnel" syndrome — it's hard to achieve a goal if you can't see the end. So cherish the fact that now, you're at least a lot deeper in that tunnel than you were when you started.

Such a cutie.

We'd all do well to have a silly, dorky dude tell us he loves us in this way. (Although, I don't know if I'd be able to keep from pushing him either.)

That's what we like to call "unbridled joy."

See also: pretty much every expression Pam has during the episode where she and Jim get married.

Wrap yourself up. You deserve it.

Heck, I say you can even choose your favorite blanket. Who cares if you usually only bring it our for when guests are over?

All roads lead to the same place.

Of course, this guy never gets into what he'd be like if his girlfriend got Two-Face'd by a mobster in court by throwing acid at her and scaring exactly half her face and then she turns to a life of crime herself. But I bet he'd still love her even then.

This is my nightmare.

While this image is very very sweet, I do need this image of Pokemon Dugtrio banned forever.

Y'all ever watch Death Note?

via: Reddit

Any name you write down in the death note book dies instantly. Turns out, you can even name ephemeral concepts to help out your boy Tummy.

An important reminder.

If you can make it through the night, you can see your problems for what they really are.

How sweet.

Another acceptable response would be to say "I'm looking at her."

I too express my love through Halo memes.

But my girlfriend is much less receptive. (I also express my anger, shame, and apathy through Halo memes, so I get it.)

Dad's got your back.

It's good to know that, no matter what gets in your way in life, your dad will be there to hit it.

Moms have superpowers.

Never understood how this was possible, but maybe it happened the same way every superhero gets their powers. Were our moms bitten by radioactive doctors?

Father-Man. Father-man. Does whatever a father can.

Spider-Man's cool, but have you ever seen a dad head in for a second shift? Now that's cool.

Get yourself a friend who listens intently.

Added secret benefit: sometimes your friend talks about lasagna.

It's all about perspective.

What can at one point seem like the worst thing in the world can appear to be the greatest ting ever... so long as you let yourself see it that way.

The Force is strong in this one.

It's also fun to make lightsaber noises with your mouth, like, VWOOM VWOohM and KISSSSH! when two sabers clash.

Four months down, seemingly infinity to go.

But hey, you're still going my man. That's all anyone can ask of you.

The purple coin stars were super hard to get.

There was a timer sometimes and there were always two or three coins hidden somewhere you could never find them.

I like it when baby cheetahs know their worth.

"And I learned it from you! I learned it from watching yoooou!!"

Aww, what a good grandpa.

You've got your dad hitting floors for you and your grandpa giving you the thumbs up whenever you need it. With those two on your side, you're invincible.

"We're gonna paint this city red... with love."

If you've ever visited a friend after a long time apart, you know that this is exactly how it goes when you first step off the plane.

Not all ghosts are scary.

It just goes to show you: you should never make assumptions about people simply based on how alive they are.

You're never too old.

If anything, 36-year-olds who live with their moms are highly stressed, and need a bath bomb more than anyone.

Appreciate it, bro.

The only thing I don't like? The lingering feeling that I should be the one to check up on them next time. I hate being in emotional debt!

Shout out to music.

Why is it that hearing someone sing about being sad is the only thing that makes me less sad? I would love to read the clinical research on that.

"And you're in it."

And you know who knows cuties the best, don't you? That's right, the famously not-cute Shrek.

I am?

Dammit, this penguin is right. I am loved and cared for.

But even if you aren't Grandma's favorite...

That's not what's important. What's important is that you know your own worth. You are a good boy.

Hot take: friend matchmaking is the greatest.

Cool people you love meeting other cool people you love? Sign me up!

Especially when you've got buds who will be there for you through anything.

Meet you in hell pal! It's always better when we're together!

For aliens, these guys have good insights.

It's important to have good self-confidence. Leave yourself post-its that say "beacon of joy" just as a reminder.

This guy is truly a beacon of joy.

He was worried about looking intimidating to his patients so he made a little nametag with his face! Talk about a truly good bedside manner.

Animals don't deserve pollution.

But at least there are kind people like these folks who freed this tangled turtle. He looks so excited to swim free!

Things I didn't know until today:

I need a two-legged cat. I need that two-legged cat to love me the way this cat loves this dog.

If you needed some evidence that primates are pretty intelligent...

Check out this buddy's reaction to a magic trick. His laugh is my everything!

Not everything that makes you smile is wholesome.

Sometimes it's a mischievous baby who will never be stopped by walls or cribs or containment. This baby is a free spirit.

Oh, you wanted another example wholesomeness?

This little boy is sweet and sour at the same time.

Ok, we promise not to include too many society-related posts.

But this video of grandparents dancing with their granddaughter after leaving isolation is the purest expression of joy we could find on the internet.

Love comes in many forms.

Maybe it's dancing with a grandchild, maybe it's a parrot trying to pet you back.

Look at this picture.

Just look at it. This seal should win an award for best beard. He is perfect.

I dare you not to laugh at this.

Parents embarrassing their children is the funniest thing in the world. At me.

My goal in life is to one day be as satisfied as this lizard with an orange.

Look at his tiny tongue! Just look at it!

A man and his dog...

Both dinosaurs. Because dogs must match their people, this is the law of cuteness.

The best part about this video is that it's just a simple scene.

This is the kind of love so many of us crave: just someone to be there with us and share.

Maybe that sharing is food.

Or maybe it's sharing a really good episode of Sesame Street because you know your dad likes rock and roll.

You've just got to let down your walls.

Or not, because the cutest things will get past any armor.

And see the world with the gratitude of a dog getting dinner.

It truly is the best dinner ever. Yes, it is the same dinner as always, but that means every dinner is the best dinner ever.

And if that doesn't work get aggressive with your love.

I love you and you better love yourself. Or else. No, it's not a threat, I'll just keep telling you I love you.

Because negativity?

It's garbage, and we don't hold on to garbage here.

This is 100% me.

I apologize to all my friends for constantly harassing them about how great they are. Oh wait, no I don't because they deserve it.

And let's end with some sweet old married couple thoughts.

Get yourself a partner who just wants to help you out when you're struggling.