I Can't Be the Only One Who Gets Stressed Out by Dairy Queen Commercials When They Hold a Blizzard Upside Down | 22 Words

Every single person you've ever met in your life is unique. No two people alive on the planet have the exact same preferences when it comes to food, music, art, movies, and/or hobbies. We've all had different experiences in life, and our opinions have been largely shaped by them to the point that while you may have a lot in common with someone, you'll never find a person who is exactly like you in every conceivable way.

And yet, there are some things that we all do. There are certain facets of the human experience which every one of us has gone through at one point or another. The thing is, we just don't talk about these things all that often. But once someone pipes up and says, "Hey, I do this thing!" you'll find that pretty much everyone does that thing.

If you're feeling alone in your experience, maybe this will convince you that you're not. And if you're feeling extra special and unique, well...maybe this will show you that you might not be quite as special as you thought.

Want your receipt?

Anytime someone hands me a receipt, they're basically saying: "Here's some trash for you to throw away later." I feel like I always decline receipts, but my purse is also always full of them. How does that happen?

It's a bit chilly, no?

If you don't do this while wearing cardigans, let me just tell you that you are absolutely missing out, my friend. It's so satisfying and cozy!

Let the world know!

Don't forget to mention that it has pockets, too. People need to know.

Who among us hasn't lost an avocado?

Setting an avocado reminder is actually a pretty brilliant idea. I am going to start doing this.

You never know!

You know what they say. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Doubt it!

I still can't believe we are living in the year 2019. I feel like I just got used to it being 2018!

No way was that 60 seconds.

Exercise minutes are approximately four times as long as non-exercise minutes. That's just a fact.

What a chore!

There's also the awkward math of trying to figure out exactly how much cheese you're allowed to take. Apparently, taking the entire hunk of brie is frowned upon.

See ya later, toilet paper!

I feel this one on a very deep, personal level. That package of water bottles? Yeah, that's never leaving my trunk. What was I thinking?

Don't get too cocky.

I have the uncanny ability to choose the wrong checkout aisle every single time. Seriously. Someone should study the phenomenon.

We all keep cables for way too long.

I admit that I might need an extra HDMI cable at some point in my life. I probably won't need all 12 of the ones I've been saving, though.

Does anyone else freak out a little bit at this part?

You know, DQ, you didn't get to be the queen of dairy without perfecting the Blizzard. I trust you. I know it's not going anywhere. Just...please, let's not test it.

Ooh, here we go.

I'm not saying I'm a hypochondriac... ...But that's only because I haven't looked up the WebMD page for "hypochondriac" and freaked out about it yet.


This has gotten me into more awkward situations than I'd care to admit. I swear my face sometimes has a mind of its own.

Sorry, car!

Oh man, yes! I do this pretty much every time I hit a pothole! I also give my car pep talks when I'm low on gas.

This is rough:

You can try to pretend like it wasn't your card, but people know. And they're definitely judging you for it.

Been there!

The only thing better than a post-shower existential thought sesh is a post-shower nap. Or you can try to squeeze in both.

Someone finally said it.

The whole point of online shopping is so that I don't have to get up from my computer! But my wallet is all the way over in the other room.

Speaking of online shopping:

Amazon Prime has ruined me. I would not have lasted for a single day in pioneer times.


The same rule applies to cows, naturally.

I need to know NOW.

Real talk: Reading this tweet caused me to actually get up and look for my birth certificate. Don't worry. I found it.


This happens to me so often. So many things have started as a bit and then become an earnest part of my daily vocabulary.

You win!

We all play this game. Losing it and finding out that you only have two more minutes before the alarm goes off is one of the most soul-crushing defeats in life.

How rude!

from meirl
I love having conversations by myself in the shower. It's the only way I'm guaranteed to win an argument.

This one is too real.

Show me a person who claims to have changed their Brita filter on schedule and I will show you a dang liar.

There's an easy solution.

Sure, I'd feel way better about myself and life in general if I got more sleep. But the new season of Grace & Frankie isn't going to watch itself.

So *that's* why.

If you didn't save your game at least three times, what were you even doing with your life? What's that? Living it, unencumbered by crippling anxiety? Cool.

I had such plans.

Sometimes I feel like I should make a separate section of my grocery list just for things I shouldn't buy because they are just going to rot in my fridge until I eventually throw them out.

It haunts me at all times.

Same goes for Facebook messages, texts, and any other kind of communication. I know I should respond, and I know I'm making it worse by not responding. But I can't bring myself to do it. I'm sorry.


I need to figure out a way I can just live my entire life in the shower. Does anyone have a good lead on that? Share this with someone who will relate!