Insecurities; we all have them, we all try to hide them and sometimes, we are afraid to share them. It can be scary to admit the what features you don't like about yourself. What if no one else has this insecurity or people laugh at what you don't like? It is a torrential spiral of growing insecurities.

Whether it is your outward appearance, or something intrinsic, we desperately wish we could do anything to change them. And we've tried. We went on diets, applied make-up, got haircuts, and more. But what would happen if we saw these insecurities as our biggest strengths and our most beautiful features?

Normally, the internet can make our insecurities worse, but in this case, it was the opposite. Twitter opened up a beautiful thread where people shared the biggest insecurities that they now see as a strength or as something that they love about themselves.

Here's where it all began:

It all started with this simple question: "What's something you hated about yourself as a kid or teenager that you now consider a strength?" The responses and retweets were honest and inspiring.

Honesty Hour


It's about to get real; there are many truthful moments and honest confessions ahead.

Voice of reason

@iSmashFizzle, the original poster of this question, shared her own response which set the tone for authenticity.


There's strength in honesty and there's nothing more courageous than telling the truth.

Curly Hair

I can relate to this one. It seems like we always want what we can't have and force ourselves to fit in. Once we learn to embrace the way we were made, we find all of our "flaws" to be our beautiful gifts.

Our past

Sometimes we feel ashamed of where we came from, but when we see our past as what brought us to where we are today, it is indeed a strength.


What others see as a setback, we often see as an ability to do more!


Being alone can be a very healthy place to be, because that is where we learn to love who we truly are, not for what others say about us.


Have you ever heard the saying that freckles are angel kisses? I've never looked at freckles the same way again.


You learn that what you hate can set you apart and can make you feel unique and special, and most of all, beautiful.


You either want to be taller or shorter. It seems impossible to be satisfied with our height. Your height is perfect the way it is!

Moral compass

This is a great strength! Being able to understand what is right and wrong should be embraced.

Booty work

What goes around, comes around, usually from behind.


The world will always try to put out the brightest lights. Keep shining girl, we need more cheerful people, like you in the world!

Our names

She's wearing one of her biggest insecurities like a badge of honor. I think we could all learn from this.


There is so much strength in seeing multiple points of view in a situation. We could all use a little bit of perspective in this day and age.


Curious kids are often seen as annoying, but their brains are seeking answers to questions! This curiosity often leads to wisdom later in life.


She deserves all the hand clapping emojis for this one. She will be laughing at all the haters for the rest of her life.

Being too sensitive

Sensitivity is often perceived as a weakness. While, in reality, it translates to empathy. Empathy which is one of the strongest traits you can have.

Or not sensitive enough

Everyone's emotions are different! We all feel and react uniquely. We can try and change it, but life is much easier when we embody our true selves.

Our history

We can try and hide or run from our heritage, but once we learn to embrace and share where we came from, life gets a whole lot more beautiful.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this man gave us TWO. What a beautiful set of eyebrows indeed!

Our speech

Using your new strengths to empower others and be more sensitive towards others is such a great way of living.

New hair, new you

Alopecia can be an incredibly big insecurity for people, an insecurity that they may attempt to hide for the rest of their lives. This woman has shown incredible strength and joy in the midst of a challenge!

Being a boss

Once a boss, always a boss.

Too much, or not enough

Fitting in is so overrated. Being who you are is absolutely the best.

Family time

Visiting our family seemed like the worst idea when we were growing up. Looking back, most of us realize how much there is to be grateful for, like the opportunity to learn about your culture.


More books, more knowledge. Read on, readers!

Being a thinker

Sometimes your gut knows best. Having that natural discernment is a gift!

Our skin

From hate to love, from shame to enthusiastic individuality! It's all about self-love.

Body size

Sometimes it takes an entirely new environment to prove to you that you are much stronger than you think.


Now creativity is a highly sought-after trait. The more creative, the better!

So much love

This Twitter thread felt like a big hug from our former insecurities. It was a brave moment for many followers and readers as they opened up about things they were so embarrassed about before.

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If you were feeling insecure, I hope this these tweets brought you strength and confidence! Give yourself a hug, show yourself some love and share the goodness with your friends. Pass this article along to show everyone that we are stronger when we embrace our differences!