25 Things a Child Can Be Trusted With That Adults Totally Can't | 22 Words

There are a lot of things you probably wouldn't trust a kid with: filing your taxes, driving your car, picking out your outfit. (Unless you love wearing a tutu over a backwards t-shirt).

But there are some things kids are very good at, maybe even better than adults. These Redditors share what they'd trust kids with over an adult.

Kids actually make pretty good therapists.

Keeping company. I have pretty severe depression so sometimes I really don’t feel like doing anything. Nothing at all. My nephew will just come around and say you don’t have to do anything I’ll just be here. And he watches videos on his iPad or draws and shares it with me if he thinks it’ll make me laugh. It’s nice. I find most adults tend to guilt trip. -Bodyintherye

Technology is for the young.

Instructions on how to use new technology - kids figure that shit out quick. -VictorBlimpmuscle Give a kid an iPad and twenty minutes later, that kid will know how to purchase and play at least 5 different games, that's a promise.

Never ask a kid a question if you don't want to hear the truth.

Their opinion. If a kid wants to be honest theyll be brutal about it. -0reosaurus

Kids won't steal your beer.

My stock of alcohol, they won't even touch it, but an adult will drink it all! -MoredhelEUW

Kids have no problem telling people how they look.

To let me know if I pass. Being trans I have a secret fear that I don't pass at all, but everyone is just being nice to me. Kids will ask if I'm a boy or girl in a heartbeat, or say something that affirms my gender pretty quickly usually too. -My_son_is_a_box  There are actually a lot more things kids are more trustworthy with than adults, turn the page to find out what else!

Kids aren't afraid to use their imagination.

If I ever had to share a discussion of dreams or to openly engage in imagination, I'd trust a child over an adult to not bog down our inventfulness with reality. I've met adults who can't even brainstorm for fear of a wrong idea. -GAGCK

This is a good point:

The American Government at this point. -Thepopcornwizard They couldn't make it worse. And there would probably be a lot more government mandated pizza parties.

Kids dance like nobody is watching.

A dance party with your best worst moves. Guaranteed judgment-free zone. -Hapa_to_bealive

You can't dispute facts.

Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. I mean he pretty much said so in the movie. -Bryceguy72

If you want to know what people think of you, ask a kid.

Their opinion of me. Adults go through the whole "you're fine the way you are" shit. I work in daycare and kids will straight up tell me unsolicited "you could do better by [fill in the blank]". 9/10 times is true. -Jc_sailorboi Keep reading to find out how little you have to pay kids to do basically anything.

Kids will do pretty much anything for a dollar.

Offering them a small amount of money to get them to do something. "Whoever is quiet the longest gets a dollar!". -Atombrain101 This is also true for some adults, tbh.

Children pick up languages super, super fast!

Language teaching. Being a beginner or slightly advanced in a foreign language, I always improved faster when being around kids (babysitter, summer camp, etc.). They naturally enjoy teaching, explaining what they know better than you. And because they're more direct and unfiltered, they correct you every time without hesitation or awkwardness. -Werkatze

Do not send adults to retrieve any magic rings, okay?

The One Ring. Children are probably a lot harder to corrupt than adults, and even if not, how exactly are they going to get it to Sauron? They've got stumpy little legs and super short attention spans and I doubt a child could make such an epic journey without SOMEbody noticing and calling child services. -Starchypinenut

Adults don't always pay attention to small details like kids do.

Using a self-checkout machine. For some reason, kids are more likely to read the prompts and signs around them indicating if they're card only or not than adults do. -Watermelonpizzafries

It's hard to know if adults mean it when they say things, but not kids.

Saying "I love you." Kids don't have that inherent urge to say it because someone else did, and they are generally openly honest with their affections, unlike adults. -OwlGuin Turn the page to find out more things kids are better at than adults!

Kids are really good at video games.

My Minecraft house. Whenever some player manages to completely ruin a playing experience on Minecraft for me they're always 16 or above. -Shadow_Of_

Kids have no fear when it comes to creating.

Artwork. I feel that children put more honesty and emotion into the piece, and the piece comes out to be more natural. Also maybe due to their innocence, the forms they use to project ideas sometimes make me change or question how I perceive the object or idea. -CaptainMonkeee

Kids are little food critics, and they are usually right.

An assessment of the quality of food being served at the school cafeteria. -Back2Bach Chicken nuggets: good. Peas: gross.

Kids take pride in their weird hobbies.

A truthful answer to their favourite things to do. Kids will readily admit if they enjoy things like looking for fossils and collecting feathers. Adults won’t because for some reason when you grow up, others see that as odd.  -Swedish-Butt-Whistle

There's a reason Olympic ice skaters are usually teenagers.

Ice skating. Their center of gravity is low so they can zoom around really easy. Anytime I've ever gone to an ice rink; the kids are always doing way better than the adults -Akolesar Turn the page to see what else people think kids can be trusted with.

Kids are good at tech.

Most electronics. A child will just figure out how to play a game and be entertained for hours. My dad will fiddle with it and open everything until it locks up or crashes and then hand it back to me and say "Your thing is broken" -Slowjams

Kids love sweets, but they usually can resist if they are told to wait. Adults? Not so much.

Not eat the desserts. Children understand these rules. Adults ignore them. :-) -Jrgallag

No need to worry about a kid with your checkbook.

A checkbook. A kid doesn't even know what that is, and they can't cash checks! -Spongerobert904 Just make sure you don't give it to the kid from Blank Check.

Kids are much more discerning than adults about what they'll eat and drink.

I've been to art classes where they would say something like: And make sure that if you're doing this at home, that your brush water is kept AWAY from children As if the child is going to drink it. Actually, I think an adult is more likely to accidentally take a cup of brush water and drink it, thinking it's coffee or matcha or something. A kid would just look at it and be disgusted.-Spaghatta111

Kids! They are very sturdy!

Anything involving falling and not being injured. -braddeicide Do you agree or are the kids you know completely not to be trusted with? Share this post with your friends and see who knows kids that can't be trusted, and who knows perfect little angels.