We all know that college kids haven't exactly hit that "responsible" stage in life.

But among even messy college students, there has to be one person who keeps the absolute dirtiest apartment of them all. And that person is Brittani Cooper. See how she won the title of the "Dirtiest College Apartment" and the cash prize to go with it.

Here she is. Doesn't look like she'd win any awards for being messy, does she?

Well...here you go.

Her dad actually sent her a link to to the competition.

He didn't think she'd actually go through with it.

But, after seeing her place...

It's easy to see why she'd think she has a fighting chance.

The haul was $640 for her title.

That might not be enough for many people to showcase their filthy living situation to the world...

...but college kids are also notoriously broke, so money's money.

Let's hope she used it to get a housekeeper.

Or to move, because though it doesn't look hoarder-level bad in here...

...she better not count on getting her deposit back.

I guess now she can't deny she has a dirty apartment.

So the next step is growing up and fixing it!