This 5-Year-Old's Letter to God Perfectly Captures How We're All Feeling This Year | 22 Words

Kids say — and write — the darnedest things! As far as we're concerned, one of the best parts of sending your kid away to school for the day is that they learn to write — and then they use their newfound powers to create some of the best content in the world. A Redditor recently found a note written to God by his girlfriend when she was only 5 years old, and folks, it's absolutely incredible.

There are few things in the world funnier than notes written by children.

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You know that if they took the time to write it, it's bound to be entertaining. Whether it's a note to Santa or a list of their favorite toys, there's something about kids' writing that is always sure to tickle your funny bone.

Take this note, for instance. It was written by Redditor's girlfriend when she was only 5 years old:

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Yep. That just about sums it up. Never before have we related so hard to something written by someone so young.

The people of Reddit also sympathized with the letter writer.

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The fact that she wrote the entire thing in black crayon. The misspelled "Gog." The black heart. It's all just so, so perfect.

Obviously, there's no shortage of hilarious kids' notes on the Internet. Here's a collection of some more of our favorites.

Like this note, from a girl who knows what we're all really thinking when we're forced to apologize. Sorry for nothing, suckers!

Or this little kid whose goals are surprisingly attainable:

He doesn't just want to have a hat. He wants to wear it, too. This kid is clearly going places. Like outside in the winter.

This child clearly has their priorities straight when it comes to the weather:

Genie: OK, Timmy, you only get one wish. Make sure it's a good one. Timmy: No problem. I've been preparing for this for years.

Flynn here knows exactly how to get himself on Santa's "Nice" list.

Let other kids leave milk and cookies out for Santa. Flynn knows what Santa really wants.

Here's another note to Santa that's sure to touch your heart and make you smile:

Little Emma has very specific tastes, but make no mistake — she's not greedy. The secret to getting exactly what you want for Christmas is finding the perfect combination of specificity and brevity.

This kid clearly has a future in nonprofit marketing:

His teacher probably wasn't expecting to get a lesson in jumping to conclusions while correcting homework, but that's exactly what happened.

And then there's this child, who may take things a bit too literally:

To be fair, those "show your work" questions are always the pits anyway. And that drawing is probably pretty accurate!