This Adorable Japanese Girl Has an AMAZING Best Friend | 22 Words

Pictures of a Japanese toddler and her best friend are going viral for the most adorable reason ever.

Mame and Riku do everything that any other pair of BFFs would do: Read books, play dress up, eat lunch, take naps. But there's one thing that makes this pair the ultimate dynamic duo: Riku is a gigantic poodle.

Talk about friendship goals!

Meet Mame and Riku.

Mame's grandmother posts these adorable pictures on an Instagram account called Tamanegi, or 'Onion.' With over 80K followers, their social media presence is pretty impressive.

Riku is what's known in Japan as a 'giant' or 'royal' poodle.

Giant poodles can weigh over 60 pounds and measure up to 25 inches at the shoulder.

One of their favorite things to do is dress up in costumes together.

They look straight out of a storybook! Have you ever seen a more stylish duo?

Although it looks like an optical allusion, these photos are 100% real.

Riku is really THAT. BIG. And quite well-behaved, from what it looks like. My dog would never let me dress her up like this. And trust me, I've tried.

Their outfits often match, which make for some majorly Instagramable photo opts.


Here they are reading the Sunday paper together.

1-year-old Mame and her furry friend love to stay informed. Doesn't Riku look so handsome in his glasses?

The family also has two other giant poodles, Gaku and Qoo...

...though Mame and Riku have developed the closest bond. Look how proud they all look of their hairy doppelganger!

As you can see, the pair has been tight for a while now.

Who wouldn't want an enormous fluff ball for a BFF? I'm pretty sure Riku is 100x more comfortable than my mattress. BEST FRIENDS 4 EVER!