This Adorable Kitty Has The Biggest, Cutest Eyes We've Ever Seen | 22 Words

We all know that cats rule the Internet (and basically the planet). It’s their world, and we mere humans are simply here to serve.

But every once in awhile you meet a cat that is a little bit different than all of the others, and one look into his giant eyes will make you understand why he’s the man.

Meet Gimo.

He’s the star of the Instagram account 1room1cat and might just have the biggest eyes on the planet, relatively speaking.

And it’s not just his eyes that will draw you in…

...but the way he sits up on his back legs.

Or the way he hunts imaginary intruders.

He loves hanging out with his buddies.

And helping everyone with their work.

Of course he thinks very highly of himself as well.

Can you post that picture on Instagram?

Then there’s him just being ridiculously cute.

And being cute can be pretty exhausting.

Just another day in the life of a furry little legend.

via: Instagram

Go and check him out for yourself. After all, Gimo's the man.