Burger King is known for a lot of things. Their flame-broiled whopper, their controversial long burger (check it out, it's a thing), and their fries, which, of course, are never as good as MacDonalds. You can quote us on this.

But did you know they did PSAs?

The fast food franchise recently did a PSA about bullying. While it gave some stunning facts – "30% of students worldwide are bullied each year" - it was the premise that really caught our eye.

Customers at a Burger King were given smashed Whopper Jr. meals. 95% of them complained, but as they walked up to the register to do so, they completely bypassed a high school boy being bullied by his peers. All told, only 12% of customers helped the young high schooler as he was tripped, berated, and pushed around by his peers. Watching the PSA, you couldn't help but think that people cared more about their burgers than the person right next to them. This is especially worrying considering more than half of bullying incidents help when someone steps in. This PSA is a lesson for us all. Next time you see something, say something. You never know – it just might help.