This Anorexic Woman Tried Bodybuilding To Save Herself and the Results Will Shock You

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“I had long pink hair and if I ran my fingers through it, 50 hairs would come out.”

“I was so weak and self-conscious in the beginning, so I’d wait until midnight before going to the gym.”

“It was the perfect opportunity to rejoin society and I was finally becoming my bubbly self again.”

“I consider myself fully recovered, but eating disorders are a real addiction, just like drugs or alcohol. I’m always wary that I could slip back into old habits, but I’m enjoying where I am right now. I’m glad I went through what I did. It was painful, but it taught me a lot. If I can help anyone by sharing my story, then it’s worth it.”

Pretty nice story, isn’t it? Hopefully, people will take note of Sophie’s struggle and self-examine to see if they are in need of help for an eating disorder.