Thanks to Disney, just about every little girl has dreamed of becoming a princess at some point in their lives. Perfect hair, a dreamy love interest, and royal status — who wouldn't want all of that?

So when digital artist and Photoshop wizard Gregory Masouras recently began reimagining Disney princesses as our favorite female celebs, the little girl in all of us squealed with delight. While all of these pics are seriously insane (in the best way possible), we do have a favorite — keep reading to the very end to see our top pick!

Jasmine as Kim Kardashian West

Whether you love her or hate her, Kim certainly does bear a pretty strong resemblance to everyone's favorite Arabian princess. If you squint your eyes, you can barely tell the difference!

Rapunzel as Jennifer Lawrence

Here's another no-brainer. Jennifer Lawrence is already pretty much a living, breathing Disney princess as it is. So we totally love her as Rapunzel.

Princess Tiana as Serena Williams

The record-breaking tennis superstar was seriously stunning in this nude pregnancy shoot for Vanity Fair, and it's fun to imagine a future where Tiana is expecting as well. The Princess and the Frog 2, anyone?

Elsa as Daenerys Targaryen

This one's for all you die-hard Game of Thrones fans out there. I mean, come ON. Could this be any more perfect? The silvery white hair? The Queenly attitude? The ability to control crazy stuff that no one else can?! (Dragons, ice storms...same diff.)

Belle as Emma Watson

Emma Watson captured the character of Belle perfectly in the most recent version of Beauty and the Beast, and this amazing mashup just further illustrates that. The next one may be a bit controversial for any Adele fans out there (aka everyone).

Ursula as Adele

Okay, we can see why some people might get upset about the fact that Adele gets a sea witch when Masouras gave all the other celebs beautiful princess personas. But honestly, there are parallels between the two. They're both powerful women who get what they want and don't try to change who they are. And messing with either of them would probably be a bad idea.

Mulan as Kylie Jenner

Kylie, the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner household, definitely bears some resemblance with the fearless Chinese princess. Mulan even looks like she's rocking a Kylie Lip Kit in this pic!

Princess Tiana as Michelle Obama

One word: FLAWLESS. Although we tend to picture Michelle as more of a Queen than a Princess, we love this combo of two strong and ambitious women.

Snow White as Kendall Jenner

The dark locks and sweet dispositions of these two lovely ladies make for a perfect mashup. That floral dress even seems like something Snow White would wear! And don't you love how her headband has been changed from red to green so it matches her outfit?

Mulan as Kylie Jenner, Aladdin as Kanye West, and Jasmine as Kim K.

Seeing these three together is seriously crazy — crazy brilliant, that is. Although Aladdin doesn't look quite right, since Kanye is notorious for refusing to smile in photos. But everything else in on point.

Lady Tremaine as Bette Middler

While we don't love the comparison of Bette to Cinderella's evil stepmother, we must admit that the resulting mashup is GORGEOUS. How amazing does she look in that dress? It makes her look so much less evil. Maybe a good stylist was all she needed to leave behind her wicked ways.

And lastly... our favorite: Ariel as Lady Gaga!

She is KILLING IT in this photo. And we love how much Ariel is showing off her legs with this dress. She worked hard to get 'em, after all!