Pretty much any talented artist can blow my mind, but especially those whose paintings are so realistic that you genuinely cannot tell if what you are looking at is a photo or a painting. And that is where Kamalky Laureano comes in. Laureano is from the Dominican Republic but based in Mexico City, and his larger-than-life photorealistic paintings are beyond impressive. Looking at his paintings are like looking into a crazy hi-def camera that captures every single pore, wrinkle, and a strand of hair on a person's face. He specializes in large close-up paintings that are extremely intimate portraits of people's faces that also happen to be about seven feet tall.

They are incredible. He has gained a following of nearly 80,000 people on Instagram who come for the insanely amazing art and stay for the occasional photos of his adorable dogs (a French bulldog and a mastiff). Let's take a look at some of his most impressive work.

Here is Laureano himself pictured with one of his paintings.

This will give you a sense of the scale for most of these works of art. They are huge, which makes them all the more impressive!


This painting is from way back in 2011, but his attention to detail is already so sophisticated. He only became more skillful from here.

Work in progress

This gives you a sense of just how he works on these huge paintings. If I was Laureano, I'd have so much trouble keeping my vision consistent!


Just look at that stubble! And those eyes. So arresting.

Favorite poses

Laureano's caption states that this is one of his favorite poses for portraits, and I have to agree! What strength it shows.

"The child cognition"

Look at how amazing the detail in the hair is. And he's got part of it in focus and part of it out of focus. That takes incredible skill.

I know exactly what this painting feels like, you know?

It might seem like a creepy thing to say, but I think you know what I mean.


I feel like Laureano's portraits expose a person in a way they're not normally seen by the world. I'd be scared and excited to see his portrait of me.


Not only is this a realistic painting of someone's eye, but Laureano also manages to include reflections in her eye.

This painting legit gave me goosebumps.

The detail on the back of the neck is amazing! How does he do it?

Before and after

I'm so curious about Laureano's process. I wonder if he works off of a detailed photo or if he adds a lot of that stuff as he goes along.

"The dream maker"

I love the lighting in this one. Warm and inviting, yet still a little mysterious.

"The wonderful gift II"

OK, this is one where I was legit like, "Maybe this one is a photo. It looks exactly like a photo."


Even after viewing a bunch of his paintings, whenever I'm reminded of their scale, I'm suddenly in awe all over again.

The official paint mixer

You might be distracted by the painting in the background, but the real start of this photo is clearly that perfect dog.

A closer look

Let's take a closer look at that painting, though, because it is insanely good. If you look closely, you can see the paint strokes, but it's still somehow so realistic.


This might be my favorite portrait of his. She looks like she was caught off-guard in a totally natural moment.

Laureano does commissioned pieces of art!

You can have a huge close-up portrait of yourself or a loved one made!

Is this Mick Jagger? I think this is Mick Jagger.

The wrinkles are perfect. They tell a story.

Somehow, his black and white portraits aren't any less detailed than the ones in color.

I wonder how he decides what colors to use for each work.

Another angle

Here's "The dream maker" again, this time with the focus on her face. What a gorgeous portrait.


Wow, there is so much life in that eye! Everything Laureano does is so intentional. It's truly breathtaking.

He doesn't just do portraits!

I love this cityscape. It's a different style from his portraits but no less impressive.


This painting really does transport you to a different time. And I love the straight-on angle with the cars coming at you. Brilliant!


Who is Laura?! I feel like I need to know everything about her now.

"Into the dream"

There's something so ethereal about this specific portrait that makes it different from all the others. I love it.

"The child cognition," in color.

It's amazing how seeing the same portrait in black and white (earlier in the gallery) and then in color can totally change how you view it.


I don't know Madeline, but based on this, I want to be her friend. Can we be friends?

Extreme close up

Well, now I feel like this painting has seen the very insides of my soul. Cool.


Just mindblowing. Share this with someone who appreciates good art!