This Blogger Says That 'Becoming Fat' Saved Her Life | 22 Words

You cannot tell how healthy a person is by looking at a picture of them. In an age of body positivity and wide acceptance of all types of men and women, people still face constant criticism from strangers on the Internet who believe it's their business to comment on the way they look. But the truth is that you have no idea what's going on in that person's life beyond the camera.

One blogger made that point very clear in an Instagram post in which she admits that "becoming fat" literally saved her life.

This is Danica Marjanović.

She's a blogger and body positivity advocate from Belfast, Ireland. Her Instagram account @lovefromdanica is full of heartfelt and hilarious encouraging photos and words about accepting and loving yourself.

In her Instagram bio, she describes herself as a "fat activist" and an advocate for "mental health awareness."

The 24-year-old Marjanović isn't shy about sharing her journey to body acceptance with her more than 36,000 followers.

"#Bodypositivity is accepting yourself at this very moment without having to make changes like society says we have to," she wrote in the caption for this photo.

"You are perfect the way you are." Marjanović doesn't shy away from sharing her past struggles with anorexia. In fact, she uses her story to inspire others.

She has no qualms about sharing her own experiences with food and learning to love herself.

"This is a cronut," she wrote in this post. "I'm having it as a snack before dinner because; I want to. I am hungry. I don't shame myself for food choices. Eating a donut before dinner will not make me less of a person. My weight doesn't determine my happiness and respect level. I am allowed to eat this. I am deserving to eat when I am hungry. I do not need to 'earn' my food. And most obviously because why wouldn't eat [sic] a cronut they are unreal hubba hubba."

With wit and emotion, she willingly shares images like this one from a darker time in her life:

Here, she writes, she was "showing strong signs of an eating disorder, severe anxiety, depression, and alcoholism." She continues, "Anyone that shames or bullies you for being fat and uses 'health concerns' as a dumb easy way to approve their behaviour should be fully ignored." Marjanović proves time and again that you cannot judge someone by a picture. And her next side-by-side only proves that point...

"Becoming fat saved my life," Marjanović wrote in big block letters on this side-by-side Instagram post.

"I can’t tell you how many fake health concerns/bullying/body shaming comments I get that start with 'I am all for self love BUT... you should be working out to love your body,'" she wrote in the caption. "Just because my body does not conform to society's standards of an eating disorder recovery body does not mean I am not over coming a serious issue with restricting my food... My page isn't just showing you how to be confident it's about showing you how I have faced my biggest fear in life and turned it into something beautiful."

The criticisms Marjanović faces are ones that are constantly shoved at people who don't seem to fit society's standard of beauty.

But her post proves without a doubt that size is not an indicator of health or happiness. Everyone deserves to love themselves inside and out.

What you don't see in a photo like Marjanović's is her intense anxiety and eating disorder and crippling depression.

For Marjanović, the fact that she was able to give up that control and love her body for what it is makes her so much healthier in the photo on the right, even though that's the photo for which she garners such criticism.

Her powerful words resonated with so many in the comments who related to her struggle and have been inspired by her journey.

The standard of what "healthy" looks like can be so dangerous because if someone adheres to that standard, they may be less likely to seek help for their disorder.

We must destigmatize mental illness. We must accept all bodies as beautiful.

Thanks to inspirational people like Danica Marjanović sharing their stories, these conversations are happening.